Skillful Finger for PC

Skillful Finger for PC

Slide your finger on the line, keep away from the barriers and sides.

Skillful Finger Details

Android Version2.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Skillful Finger Screenshots

Skillful Finger for PC screenshot 1Skillful Finger for PC screenshot 2Skillful Finger for PC screenshot 3

About Skillful Finger For PC

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● aAdvanced alevel asystem
● aMany adifferent alevels a(new afidget aspinner aobstacles)
● aAcceleration
● aIntegration aon aleader aand awinner atable a
● aComply awith aall ascreen asizes
● aEndless aline a
● aA aperfect agame a
● aDynamic abarriers a
● aNice avoice aeffects aand aquality adesigns awith abrilliant acolours a
● aFacebook aand aTwitter acompliance a(Share ayour ascore awith afriend aand aseem acooler)

For amore afun aand amore agames avisit aus aat a

You acan afollow aus aon asocial aplatforms ain aorder ato areach aour anew agames!

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