Kitty Care and Grooming for PC

Kitty Care and Grooming for PC

Help out this little kitty to feel good again and have fun in this cat game.

Kitty Care and Grooming Details

Android Version2.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Kitty Care and Grooming Screenshots

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About Kitty Care and Grooming For PC

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Look aat athese aamazing afeatures athis agame aprovides afor ayou:
- aLooking aafter aa asweet acat
- aOffering aher athe acare ahe aneeds ato aget abetter
- aUse ainteresting adevices ato atreat ahis adisease a
- aLearning athe aimportance aof aa agood acare
- aEasy acontrol aof athe agame
- aFree ato aplay
- aDeveloping anew aabilities ain athe anursing aarea
- aCreating acool alooks awith amultitude aof aaccessories
- aPeaceful amusic aand acute adesigned agraphics