Christmas Sweeper 3 for PC

Christmas Sweeper 3 for PC

Santa Clause is coming! Play this fun Christmas game with 1500+ match 3 levels!

Christmas Sweeper 3 Details

AuthorSmileyGamer Match 3 Games
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Christmas Sweeper 3 Screenshots

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About Christmas Sweeper 3 For PC

aChristmas ais acoming aagain! aPlay athis aChristmas agame awith a1500+ alevels aof amatch a3 afun, afilled awith alots aof anew achallenges! aLight athe acandles, aclear athe asnow ato afind athe agifts, acatch athe ajumping asnowmen, afill athe agift abags. aDrop aSanta adown athe achimney, aignite athe afirecrackers, afill athe abig asock aand alook awhat's ain athe afridge. aAll awhile ataking acare aof athe asnow aguns!

Christmas aSweeper a3 awill akeep ayou aengaged auntil along aafter aChristmas!
There aare ano alives ato alose, aand ayou adon't ahave ato aannoy ayour afriends ato aprogress. aPlay aas along aas ayou awant! aThis agame awill afill athe along awinter aevenings awith alots aof apleasure!

Swap, adrag aand asweep athe acute aChristmas apieces, alike athe achristmas atree, asanta's ahat, aChristmas abells aand abaubles, agingerbread aman aand aice acrystals. aMake amatches aof a4 aor a5 ato acreate apowerful abombs aand apower-ups. aAnd ause aSanta's amitten ato acollect aa asingle apiece. aYou'll abe arewarded awith acookies aand asoda.

Be asure ato ashare athe afun awith ayour afacebook afriends. aInvite athem aand acompete awith athem ain athe aleaderboards aand aon athe alevel amap!

If ayou alike aholiday athemed amatch a3 apuzzle agames, aclick aand amatch, aswap aand amatch aor aany atype aof acasual amatch a3 apuzzle agame athen aChristmas aSweeper a3 ais ajust afor ayou!

Check aout aour afacebook afan apage afor amore amatch a3 agoodness: a