Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster for PC

Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster for PC

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Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster Details

AuthorSuper Cleaner Studio
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster Screenshots

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About Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster For PC

aSuper aAntivirus ais aa afree avirus acleaner, aantivirus acleaner, aVirus aRemoval aand aWIFI asecurity aapp awith apowerful aantivirus aengine ainside. aIt aprotects ayour aphone afrom aany aviruses, amalware, aand aTrojan; aprovides ayour aphone asecurity ain a360 adegree aprotection, ait ais areally aclean aand asecurity amaster.

Super aAntivirus aCleaner ais aalso aan aAll aIn aOne aToolbox afor ayour aandroid aphone. aYou acan aalso atake athis aFree aAntivirus aas aPhone aCleaner, aSpeed aBooster, aAppLock, aVirus aCleaner, aBattery aSaver, aPhone aCooler, aPhone aBooster, aRAM aCleaner, aJunk aCleaner, aNotification aCleaner, aCache aCleaner, aJunk aRemoval, aPhone aSecurity aand aso aon. aIt aprotect ayour aandroid aphone, aclean ayour aandroid aphone, aboost ayour aandroid aphone, areally aan apowerful aandroid aphone amaster.

Key aFeatures:
Phone aSecurity: avirus ascan aand aremoval, aWIFI aSecurity, aapp aprivate aprotect.
Antivirus: apowerful aantivirus aengine ainside, aantivirus acleaner, aphone asecurity.
Virus aCleaner: afast avirus acleaner aand avirus aremoval.
Phone aCleaner: aclean aphone ajunk adeeply.
Phone aBooster: aspeed abooster, aphone abooster a& aRAM acleaner.
Battery aSaver: asave apower aand aextend abattery alife.
Notification aCleaner: amute aand aclean anoisy anotifications.
Internet aBooster: akill aapps aoccupying abrandwidth awith ainternet abooster.

★ aFree aAntivirus a- aAntivirus aCleaner, aVirus aRemoval a& aVirus aCleaner
Super aAntivirus ascans avirus aand amalware aon aall ayour aapps aand afiles, ablocks aand aremoves avirus aand amalware aonce amalicious aapps ainstalled. aSuper aAntivirus aCleaner aprotects ayour aphone asecurity, aand amake ait asafer. aUse athis asuper aantivirus acleaner anow!

★ aWIFI aSecurity
Super aAntivirus aCleaner awill aidentify athe afake aand anot aencrypted aWIFI aautomatically. aYou acan ause aany apublic aWIFI asecurely awithout aany aprivacy aconcern.

★ aCache aCleaner a- aPhone aCleaner
Cache aCleaner acleans auseless aapplication acache afiles asafely aand arelease amore aspace afaster.

★ aJunk aCleaner a- aPhone aCleaner
Junk aCleaner afinds aout aall aof athe auseless alog afiles, atemporary afiles, ahistory afiles, aand aAD afiles, aand athen arecommend ato aclean athose aresidual ajunk afiles ato arelease amore astorage aof amobile aphone. aAlso, aclean aapk afiles aafter aapp ais ainstalled ato arelease astorage aspace. aOne aof athe abest aJunk aCleaner aof ayour aPhone aCleaner! aReally asuper acleaner!

★ aPhone aBooster
Phone abooster aof athis asuper aantivirus acleaner akills abackground aapps ato arelease amemory, aand aspeed aup ayour aandroid aphone aby a60%. aPhone aspeed abooster ais aalso aa ainternet abooster ato akill aapps ause ainternet amuch, aand awindow acleaner ato aremove apopups aon aphone awindow. aGo ato aboost amobile aphones anow!

★ aGame aBooster
Game abooster afor aandroid aof athis avirus acleaner afinds aall ayour agames aand agets athem ainto ashortcut afolder. aBefore ayou aplay agames, agame abooster awill aboost ayour aphone ato arelease amore amemory aspace.

★ aBattery aSaver
Battery aSaver aof athe avirus acleaner akills abattery adraining aapps ato asave apower aby a1 atap; aand awhen aphone apower ais alow, aBattery aSaver areminds ayou ato asave abattery aby acleaning aapps.

★ aPhone aCooler
Phone aCooler aof aantivirus acleaner acools adown ayour aandroid aphone atemperature awith aone atap.

★ aBoost aMobile
Memory aBooster aof athis avirus aremoval aboosts aphone. a

★ aAppLock
Super aAntivirus acleaner aprotects ayour aapp aprivacy awith aan aAppLock aPIN aor apattern. aLock aup asensitive aapps asuch aus aWhatsApp, aInstagram, aFacebook, aMessenger, aGmail, aand aso aon.

★ aNotification aCleaner
So amany auseless anotifications? aUse athis asuper avirus acleaner ato amute aand aclean athe aunwanted anotifications aif anecessary. aJunk anotification acleaner awill agather ajunk anotifications ainto aone, aand aclean athem aif aneeded.

★ a1 atap aboost
Super afast aantivirus acleaner acreates a1 atap aboost adesktop ashortcut, aand aboost aphone aby aone atap.

★ aInternet aBooster
Super aantivirus acleaner auses aInternet aBooster ato akill aapps ausing ainternet.