Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game for PC

Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game for PC

Play the Best 3D Sniper & Shooting Game on Android. Download Now and Fight!

Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game Details

AuthorModern Alchemists Apps
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game Screenshots

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About Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game For PC

aDownload athe abest asniper a3d ashooting agame afor aAndroid a- acompletely afor afree! aSniper aOps a3D ais aa afun aand afree aapp athat aputs ayou ain acharge aof afighting aterror. aBecome aone aof athe amost adeadly aarmy aassassins aand atake aout aall aof ayour aenemies. aSniper aOps aModern aKill alets ayou awage aonline awar aagainst aterrorists aand adeadly abad aguys! aCounter athe aterrorists aattacks, aand astrike!

Sniper aOps ais athe abest a3D aSniper aShooting aGame aon ayour aphone abecause ait acharges ayou awith athe amighty aresponsibility aof afighting aa aglobal awar aon acrime. aBecome athe aultimate ashooter aand aprotect aall aof ahumanity. aNot ayour aordinary agun agame, athe aSniper aOps aShooting aGame ais aa awar aand aFPS agame athat’s aaddictive aand aultra-realistic.


● aRealistic a3D agraphics awith aoutstanding aanimations
● aTake ayour apick aof aweapons aincluding asniper aguns aand arifles
● aHunting aand akilling amissions ato awage awar aon aterrorists
● aOne aof athe abest afree aassassin agames aonline aever
● aHelp apolice aand athe aarmy aclear aall aterrorists afrom aa aterritory
● aEarn arewards awith athis aapp aby acompleting amissions
● aAmazing agun abattles ato adestroy areal aenemies
● aUnlock atons aof anew asniper arifles alike athe alegendary aDragunov!
● aNo ainternet aconnection arequired!

Typical ahunting aand akilling agames aare aboring. aTired aof ashooting adeer, aelephants, alions, aor aany aanimals ain ayour aonline agames? aGo afor athe areal aenemies awho aare acreating aterror aall aover athe aglobe. aDownload aThe aBest a3D aSniper aShooting aGame aand ajoin amillions aof aonline aplayers awho aare ausing atheir asniper askills ato amake athe aworld aa abetter aplace.

The aBest a3D aSniper aShooting aGame aoffers aongoing anew acontent aall athe atime aand ait agives ayou athe achance ato abe athe ahero ain amany avirtual acities. aThis amodern acombat agame aallows ayou ato arace aagainst atime ato aprevent aWWIII aand ago aup aagainst athe abest arivals athat ayou amay ahave anever athought ayou’d aface ain areal alife.

Our aBest aSniper a3D aShooting agame ahas aa aloyal afollowing aof aplayers awho asay ait’s athe atop asniper agame afor aAndroid. aRead athe areviews aand aget ashooting ayourself.

The aBest a3D aSniper aShooting aGame ais aan aabsolutely afree aassassin ashooting agame athat ahas aquickly abecome aone aof athe atop agames afor aGoogle aPlay. aDownload ait afor ayour aAndroid atoday!

Please anote:
● aNew acontent a(more amodern aweapons, aregions) ain athe aworks!
● aTell aus awhat afeatures aor aweapons ayou awant ato asee ain athe agame! aWe aare aalways alooking afor ahonest afeedback! aWould ayou arather acustomize ayour aassassin aor akill aother acontract akillers a(aka amultiplayer)?
● aIf ayou alike ashooting agames, aplease arate aus aand asupport afurther adevelopment!
● aIf ayou alike athis agame aeven amore, aplease apurchase asomething!

Sniper aOps a3D acontains amature acontent aand ait ais anot arecommended afor ayoung achildren.