Block Puzzle for PC

Block Puzzle for PC

Block & addictive classic jewel games! Simple, beautiful, and Relax!

Block Puzzle Details

AuthorBlock Puzzle Jewel Games
Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Block Puzzle Screenshots

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About Block Puzzle For PC

aBlock aPuzzle a a a aJewel a a aClassic a- aMost apopular aand aaddictive apuzzle agame!

Once ayou astart, ayou awill anever astop! a

How ato aplay?
-Drag athe ablocks ato amove athem
-Try ato afit athem aall ain athe arow aor acolumn.Game awill abe aover aif athere aare ano aroom afor ablocks.
-Blocks acan't abe arotated

-Place athe ablocks ain aa areasonable aposition
-Try ato aalways aleave abig aspace a
-The amore ajewels ayou aeliminate, athe amore ascores ayou ahave.

We aneed atranslations:
Please ahelp aus atranslate aBlock aPuzzle aJewel aClassic ainto ayour alanguage.
Contact aus avia athis aemail: [email protected] a aThank ayou afor amaking athis agame abetter!