Escape Bubble for PC

Escape Bubble for PC

The great adventure starts now! Shoot & pop all the bubbles & unlock fun rewards

Escape Bubble Details

AuthorMatch 3 Fun Games
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Escape Bubble Screenshots

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About Escape Bubble For PC

aThe agreat aescape aadventure astarts anow! aShoot aand apop aall athe abubbles ain athis athrilling abubble ashooter agame, aunlock afun aboosts aand asolve athe apuzzles. a
Can ayou aescape athe abubble amaze? a
Download aEscape aBubbles anow aand aget aready ato astart athe aaction! a

Flee athe aBubble aEscape aMaze!
Hit, ablast aand aexplode athe aballoons aand aexperience ahours aof abubble ashooting aawesomeness. a

Why aYou'll aLike aIt a
- aPlay aand adiscover athousands aof aFUN aand achallenging apuzzle alevels. a
- aEnjoy acool agraphics aand aunique aeffects.
- aPlenty aof abrain ateasers ato aexercise ayour abrain aand ayour afingers. a
- aTotally afree ato aplay aat aall atimes a- aplay awith ayour afamily aand afriends!

Unlock aAwesome aBoosts:
🔥 aPop a7 abubbles ain aa arow ato aunlock athe afireball athat awill aburn aevery abubble aon athe away. a a
💣 aDrop a10+ abubbles aat aonce ato aget aa abomb athat awill aexplode athe asurrounding aballs. a

Play aand aenjoy aEscape aBubbles; ait’s aa agreat agame athat awill akeep ayou aoccupied afor ahours! a
Download afor aFREE aand amatch acolors ain athis afun aescape agame. aHit aand asmash aall athe acolored aballs ato aearn apoints, abeat athe achallenges aon ayour away aand awin alevels. a
Rush aand aPop athe aBubbles!
With aso amany aexciting alevels, acool aboosters aand afeatures, athis afun abubbles agame ais aa amust-have agame afor ayour adevice. aPlay aand aexplore aamazing achallenges aand ariddles aand atry ato aget aaway aand aescape athe abubble aattack! a

Play awith aFamily aand aFriends
Share athis aaction-packed aboard agame awith afamily aand afriends aand aenjoy aa aclassic aand amost aaddicting agame amode. aSee awho acan afinish aall athe amissions afirst aand arun aoff athe abubble amaze. a

Experience athis aawesome aand achallenging abubble ashooter agame awhere ayou ahave ato apop aall athe aballs, asolve apuzzles aand aclear alevels. aPlay athrough athousands aof abubble-packed alevels aand aenjoy athe amost aamazing agameplay aanywhere aand aanytime! a
Escape agames awere anever aso afun! a a

All arights aof aBubble aShooter™ aare aowned aby aIlyon aDynamics aLtd.