Bubble Shooter for PC

Bubble Shooter for PC

Classic and funny bubble shooting game. all free.

Bubble Shooter Details

AuthorBubble Shooter スタジオ
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Bubble Shooter Screenshots

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About Bubble Shooter For PC

aThe amost acute abear aof athe ahistory ais acoming! aThis ais aan aepic agame, aexciting alevels acontinuously. aWhat ais amore, athis abubble ashooting agame afor afree!
How ato aPlay:
- aAim aand amatch abubbles awhere ayou awant ato ashoot athe abubble.
- aTo agroup a3 aor amore abubbles ato amake athem aburst.
- aClear aall athe abubbles aon athe ascreen ato aget ato aa anew alevel.
- aMore athan aseven akinds aof acute abear ais awaiting afor ayou ato aunlock,you acan ainvite afive afriends ato aunlock athe aspecial arole.
- aLess amoves ayou apass aa alevel, ahigher ascore ayou'll aget.
- aAt athe aend aof agame,you awill abe aawarded acoins aaccording ato athe ascore. athe ahigher ascore ayou agot, athe amore acoin awill abe aawarded. a
- aAt athe aend aof agame,you acan aclick athe afalling abubbles a ato aget ahigher ascore a
Features: a
+ aeasy aoperation abut alots aof afun.
+ aGorgeous aspecial aeffects aand abeautiful aimages.
+ aDifferent aroles adress
+ aMany ainteresting aprops ato ahelp ayou apass agame aquickly
+ aA acombination aof amultiple abubbles
+ aNo awifi acan aalso aplay
if ayou alike abubble ashooting agame,It ais aworth ato atry. aLet's aplay ait!