Bubble Shooter for PC

Bubble Shooter for PC

🌟🌟Candy Bubble Shooter is a fun puzzle game. Shoot bubble to match three.🌟🌟

Bubble Shooter Details

AuthorCandy Bubble Studio
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Bubble Shooter Screenshots

Bubble Shooter for PC screenshot 1Bubble Shooter for PC screenshot 2Bubble Shooter for PC screenshot 3

About Bubble Shooter For PC

aπŸ”₯Classic aCandy aBubble aShooter ais aa afree agame.πŸ”₯
It's aa aancient apuzzle aand aMatch-Three agame.
As aa aclassic agame, aCandy aBubble ashooter ais apopular aat aall aover athe aworld.
No amatter awomen, achild, aelderly, ahousewives, ahandsome aman, apretty agirls alove aCandy aBubble aShooter. a
Candy aBubble aShooter ais aa avery afunny aand ahappy agame. aPlay ait awith ayour afamily.
We aadd a


Let ashow ait afor ayou.
1. aa asuper apet afeed asystem. aYou acan afeed ayour aown abird aand adress aup ait.
2. a500+ afunny aand achallenging agame alevels, aDo ayou awant ato achallenge ayour abrain?
3. aMore athan a50 akinds aof asweet acandy abubbles.
4. aFluent ashooting aexperience.
5. aCaptivating aarcade ainspired amusic.
6. aMatch a3 ameets abubble aburst.
7. aMore astrategy aand amore ahappy.

What awe abring ato ayou?
1. aBring arelax aand ahappy ato ayou.
2. aHelp ayou akill ayour aboring atime.
3. aHelp ayou atrain ayour abrain aand afinger.
4. aAre ayou aalone? aWe awill abe awith ayou.

Unlike aword asearch agame, aCandy aBubble ashooter ais asuitable afor aall acountries aand aall alanguage. a
Candy aBubble aShooter ais aone aof athe abest amatching aand apuzzle agame!


If ayour afamily ahave aelderly, ayou awant athem ato akeep aaway afrom amahjong, acard aand aother acasino agame aor athey awant afind asomething ato akill atime. a
If ayour awife, achilds aor agirl afriend aalways abother ayou.
If ayour ahusband aor aboy afriends aalways alive ayou aalone.
You acan atry ato adownload abubble ashooter. aAll ayou aproblem awill ago aaway.