Love Bubbles for PC

Love Bubbles for PC

Shoot & pop balls in this super fun puzzle game. Play now & feel the love!

Love Bubbles Details

AuthorBubble Shooter Games by Ilyon
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Love Bubbles Screenshots

Love Bubbles for PC screenshot 1Love Bubbles for PC screenshot 2Love Bubbles for PC screenshot 3

About Love Bubbles For PC

aLove ais ain athe aair! aFall ain alove awith athe abest aball apuzzle ain athe astore aand aenjoy aa afun, astress arelief abubble ashooter agame! a

Want ato akill atime awhile awaiting ain aline? aLooking afor aa afun away ato aenjoy aa along acar aride?
Spend ayour atime aplaying athe amost aromantic abubble apuzzle agame. aPlay anow aand adiscover athousands aof aaddicting apuzzles aand achallenges adesigned ato atrain ayour abrain aand ato atake ayou ato aanother alevel aof aentertainment. aDownload athe amost aamazing abubbles agame, ahit aand ashoot aall athe acolorful aballs ato aclear athe aboard aand aenjoy aa arelaxing afun atime. a

Love aBubbles ais aeasy ato alearn aand aplay, abut ayou abetter aget aready ato aencounter asome afun abrain ateasers athat awill atest ayour alogic aand amatching askills! a

Amazing aLove aBubbles aFeatures:
♡ aThousands aof alovely alevels afilled awith asweet apuzzles aand achallenges.
♡ aPop aall athe acolorful abubbles ain athe amost alove-filled asetting aand areach ahigh ascores. a
♡ aUse awonderful aboosts aand apower-ups ato ablast athrough athe achallenges.
♡ aEnjoy abeautiful agraphics aand avisual aeffects. a
♡ aA acompletely aaddictive aand afree-to-play apuzzle agame.
♡ aOffline apuzzle agame awith ano awifi aand ano ainternet aneeded. a

Play afor afree aand afind aa away ato abump aand aexplode aall athe aballs. aYou’ll adefinitely afall ain alove awith athis aawesome afree alove agame ain ano atime! a
How ato aPlay aLove aBubbles:
♡ aMatch a3 aor amore abubbles aof athe asame acolor ato apop aand asmash. a
♡ aWork aout aa astrategy aaccording ato athe adifferent abubbles alayout ain aeach alevel aand ause ayour alogic askills ato amaster aall athe achallenges. a
♡ aUse athe afree abubble aswap: atap aon athe abubble ato achange aits acolor. a
♡ aBoost ayour agaming aexperience awith agreat apower-ups: athe abomb aand athe afireball awill atake aout asurrounding aballoons aand acut athrough aa asafe apass. a
♡ aPop abubbles aand areach ahigh ascores. a

Become apart aof athe abiggest abubble apop aromance apossible! a
Join athe aromantic aadventure, aspend ayour aday ashooting aand apopping abubbles, aand aenjoy aa afree aball agame afilled awith athousands aof aremarkable alevels. a

All arights aof aBubble aShooter a™ aare aowned aby aIlyon aDynamics aLtd.