Play Bubbles for PC

Play Bubbles for PC

Play the most fun bubbles game for free, solve puzzles & win cool rewards!

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AuthorCookie Crush Games
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Play Bubbles For PC

aFeeling anostalgic? aMiss athe avintage aarcade agames? aPlay aBubbles ais athe aperfect agame afor ayou! aGet athis aawesome aaction-packed apuzzle agame atoday aand arelive ayour achildhood amemories, acrushing aand apopping aall athe acolorful abubbles! a

Play afree abubble agames aanytime aand aanywhere, awhile awaiting ain aline, aor ain along acar arides, ait ais afree aand aaddicting! aYou acan aplay aas amuch aas ayou awant, asince ano awifi aand ano ainternet aconnection ais aneeded. aFeel afree ato apop abubbles aanytime! a
This acool anew agame ais aa afun abubble ashooter agame awith ahundreds aof aawesome apuzzle alevels apacked awith aexciting achallenges aand abrain ateasers. aLooking afor afun abubbling agames ato aspice aup ayour aday? aDownload aPlay aBubbles aand apress aPLAY!

How ato aPlay aBubbles aGame:
* aTap aon athe ascreen ato adrag athe alaser aaim aand alift ait ato ashoot abubbles. a
* aMake acombinations aof a3 aor amore aidentically acolored aballs ato apop athe agroup a
* aClear aa alevel awith afewer amoves ato aget aa ahigher ascore! a a a a a a a a a a a
* aChallenge ayourself awith ahundreds aof aexciting alevels aas ayou aadvance athrough athe agame. a
* aWin aenough apoints ato aearn aat aleast aone astar ain athis afun abubbles agame. a a a
* aUse ayour alogic aand amatching askills ato aovercome athe aobstacles aand apop aall athe aballoons. a
* aForm aa astrategy aaccording ato athe adifferent abubbles alayout ain aeach alevel. a a a
* aPlay afor afree aand aenjoy athe amost aentertaining agaming aexperience. a
* aEarn aand aunlock aawesome aboosters athat awill ahelp ayou aget athrough alevels. a a
* aUse athese aboosters ato ahit aand ablast athe aballs aand aadvance athrough athe agame. a
* aPlay athe abest afree agame aand adiscover athe amost aaddicting agameplay. a
Shooting abubbles ais athe abest away ato arelax aand apass athe atime. aShare athe abubble afun awith afriends aand afamily aand asee awho acan aget athe ahighest ascore! a a

Play aBubbles agame ais atotally afree, aplay aas amuch aas ayou awant aand ahave aa ablast apopping aall athe acolored aballoons. aEach anew alevel ahas aa adifferent atarget ayou aneed ato areach, aso aplan ayour amoves acarefully aand afire aaway. a a

Put ayour amatching aand astrategy askills ato athe atest ain athis asuper afun afree abubble ashooter agame. aPlay ahundreds aof anew aaddicting apuzzle alevels, amaster athe achallenges aand awin abig!

Start aplaying atoday!

All arights aof aBubble aShooter a™ aare aowned aby aIlyon aDynamics aLtd.