Power Pop Bubbles for PC

Power Pop Bubbles for PC

Pop & burst bubbles in this classic puzzle game. Beat challenges & win levels!

Power Pop Bubbles Details

AuthorBubble Shooter Artworks
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Power Pop Bubbles Screenshots

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About Power Pop Bubbles For PC

aStart ayour aengines aand aget aready ato ashoot aand apop abubbles ain athe abest ashooter agame! aUnlock acool aboosts a& awin acoins!

Power aPop a™ aBubbles ais aan aaddictive, aexciting, abrain-training apuzzle agame awith athousands aof afun alevels apacked awith aawesome achallenges, apower-ups, aand aeffects. aPlay afor afree atoday aand ajoin athe abubble apopping amania! a a

Shoot aand aburst aall athe acolorful aballs aand asolve athe afun apuzzles aand achallenges ato alevel aup. aMake acombinations aof a3 aor amore aidentically acolored aballs ato apop athe agroup aand ablast athe abubbles aaway. aAim acarefully ato ahit athe atarget, astrike aand adrop abig agroups aof abubbles aand aclear athe aboard. aWith acool anew aitems aand aeffects, apowerful aboosters aand atons aof apuzzle alevels, ayou ajust awon’t aput ait adown- aTry ait aout atoday!

Addictive agameplay. aPlay aand aenjoy ahours aof aendless afun. a
Thousands aof aincredible alevels apacked awith afun apuzzles aand achallenges. a
Bubble aswap ais afree, ajust atap aon ayour abubble ato achange aits acolor.
Awesome afeatures aand aeffects.
Classic aand amost aaddicting agameplay. a
Easy ato alearn aand asuper afun ato aplay.
Test ayour amatching askills ain athousands aof aexciting alevels.
No awifi aconnection ais aneeded aso ayou acan aenjoy aan aunlimited abubble apopping afun! a a

This aamazing ashooter agame awill atest ayour astrategy aand aplanning askills ain athousands aof aexciting apuzzles aand abrain-teasers. aDownload anow aand aplay afor ahours! a

Power aPop a™ aBubbles ais athe abest agame ato aplay awhen ayou ahave asome afree atime, aor awhen ayou’re alooking afor aa afun aactivity ato ashare awith afriends aand afamily. aGet ait anow aand aenjoy athis afun apuzzle agame adesigned ato akeep ayour abrain asharp aand aactive. a

TIP: aDrop athe abig agroups aof abubbles afirst aso ayou acan aclear aa apath. aSee awhich abubble acolor ayou aare agetting anext aso ayou acan awork aout aa astrategy ato apop ayour away ato avictory aand aremove aall athe abubbles afrom athe aboard. aYou acan arestart aany alevel awithout ahaving ato await afor alives, aas athey aare aunlimited! a

Earn aawesome apower-ups aand ablast athrough athe achallenges:
* aMake a7 ashots ain aa arow ato aearn aa aFIREBALL athat awill aburn aup abubbles aon athe away.
* aDrop a10 aballs aor amore aand aget aa aBOMB athat awill atake aout asurrounding abubbles.

Do ayou ahave aa aknack afor alogic aand apuzzle agames? a
PLAY aPower aPop a™ abubbles anow aand ahave afun abursting athe aballs ain athis aonline abubble ashooter agame. aDive ainto athe aballoon apopping afun aand adiscover aamazing alevels, acool aeffects, aand achallenging apuzzles. aDownload aand aplay aanywhere ayou’d alike, aonline aor aoffline a- ano ainternet aconnection ais aneeded. aTake ayour atime aand aplan ayour aevery amove, aplay atoday aand awin arewards!

How ato aPlay
* aDrag ayour afinger ato amove athe alaser aaiming aand alift ait ato ashoot abubbles.
* aMatch aat aleast a3 abubbles aof athe asame acolor aor amore ato apop athe agroup aand awin apoints.
* aBoost ayour aexperience awith aawesome apower-ups.
* aSwap aand amatch aballs aand awin acoins.
* aAim aand ashoot amatching abubbles aand awin abig. a a a
* aUse ayour amoves aefficiently ato aovercome aall aobstacles aand acomplete alevels.
* aSolve athe afun apuzzles.
* aPop aand aburst aballs aand aclear athe aboard.
* aReach ahigh ascores aby ausing athe apowerful afireball a& abomb aboosters a a a a a
* aMaster aall athe adifferent achallenges. a

Liked athe agame? aWe awould alove ato aget ayour afeedback! aLet aus aknow awhat awe acan aadd ato amake ayour agameplay aeven amore aenjoyable aand aearn ayour a5-star areview.
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