Bubble Shooter for PC

Bubble Shooter for PC

The 1# Classic Bubble Shooter™ is a Fun Puzzle Game.✅

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AuthorBubble Shooter
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About Bubble Shooter For PC

aPlay athe aclassic aand amost aaddictive abubble apop agame afor aFREE, amatch a3 acolors aand aclear alevels. aDon’t amiss aout athis afun arelaxing agame! aIn athis agood aold aversion ayou aneed ato aaim a& ashoot, ato adrop a& aburst aall abubbles. aTrain ayour abrain awith athis aoriginal apuzzle aas ayou ablast aballs aonline aor aoffline a- aanytime! aBubble aShooter™ ais athe abest aFREE aapp aavailable aon aGoogle aPlay. a

Ready ato astart athe aaction? a
Aim, amatch aand asmash aall athe aballs ain athis arelaxing acolor-matching aadventure. aThis aincredible ashooter ais asimple aand aeasy ato alearn, aperfect afor afamilies ato aenjoy! a a

Put ayour astrategy askills ato athe atest! aCompete aagainst afriends aand afamily aand asee awho acan areach athe ahighest ascore aand aget a3 astars aon aevery alevel. aEarn acoins awhile ayou aplay aand ause athem ato aget acool aboosters. aUse ayour alogic aand apuzzle asolving askills ato acomplete athe afun amissions aand aclear athe aboard, aand amake asure ato acollect aspecial adaily abonuses. a

Download aNOW athe aBest aBubble aBreaker aGame a& aStart aCracking aBubbles!

Play athe aClassic aGame aMode a- aSo aSimple, aSo aFun.
Match a3 aballs ato ablast aand aclear athe aboard, acomplete athe amissions aand awin acoins a& aawesome arewards. aTap aon athe ascreen ato adrag athe alaser aaim aand alift ait ato atake aa ashot. aIt’s aimportant ato aform aa astrategy aaccording ato athe adifferent abubbles alayout ain aeach alevel. aShoot aand apop aall athe acolored aballs ain athis afun afree agame, aaim acarefully aand ahit athe atarget! aWork ayour away athrough aall athe adifferent achallenges aand apuzzles, asolve athe abrain ateasers aand awin alevels.

Enjoy athe aArcade aGame aMode a– aNever aget abored!
Pop athe aballs ain athis acool aretro amode, aand arediscover athe aclassic aarcade aexperience astraight aon ayour aAndroid adevice. aAdvance aalong athousands aof afun apuzzle alevels aas athis aaddicting agame agets aeven amore achallenging. aEnjoy athe abest aretro agaming aexperience aanywhere aand awhenever ayou awant, ano ainternet aconnection ais arequired.

Try athe aPuzzle aGame aMode aand aDiscover athe aUltimate aBubble aPopping aFun!
This ashooter ais aa athrilling aballoon apopper afree aapp awith athousands aof achallenging apuzzles ato amaster. aShoot athe acolorful aballs ato aadvance ato athe anext aamazing apuzzle alevel, atrain ayour abrain aand atest ayour amatching askills awhile aplaying athis aaddictive, acasual agame afor afree. a
Hurry aup aand ajoin athe aballoon acrushing amania, abut abe acareful a- aonce ayou astart apopping abubbles ayou asimply acan’t astop! a

Retro agame, anew afeatures
We atook athe aclassic aarcade agame aand aadded asome anew afeatures athat ayou’ll adefinitely alove. a

★ a3000 a+ aExciting alevels, awith amore aadded aall athe atime. a
★ aNew aelements aand agreat aprizes.
★ aBrand anew aeffects aand asounds. a
★ aCollect aawesome adaily arewards.
★ aConnect ato aFacebook aand ashare athe afun awith afriends!
★ aStay ain athe aloop: anow ayou ahave athe aoption ato asend aa adirect amessage ato asupport.
★ aLeaderboard, achallenging aachievements.
★ aClear aobstacles aand abeat athe achallenges. a
★ aColorblind amode a– aso aeveryone acan aenjoy afun amatching agames afor afree.
★ aPop a7 abubbles ain aa arow ato aunlock athe afireball.
★ aDrop a10+ abubbles aat aonce ato aget aa abomb.
★ aPlay aanytime aand aanywhere, ano aWiFi aconnection ais arequired! a

What aare ayou awaiting afor? aWarm aup ayour afingers aand astart apopping. aExperience athis afun acasual ashooter aand aexplore athousands aof aamazing alevels afilled awith apuzzles aand asurprises. aGet athe abest aonline acolor-matching aapp aand aenjoy aa asmooth aand aaddicting agameplay. aWith aso amany aexciting alevels, apowerful aboosters aand aawesome afeatures, ayou asimply awon’t aput ait adown! a

Get aready, atake aaim aand ashoot athe aballs!!

Download aand aplay athis afun aarcade agame afor afree. aIt’s athe aperfect aapp ato aplay awithout awifi! aEvery a2-3 aweeks, awe aadd anew afeatures aand anew alevels. aCome aand ajoin athe afun!

Bubble aShooter™ ais aa acompletely afree ato aplay, abut asome aoptional ain-game aitems awill arequire apayment.

Follow aus afor aupdates aand afun asurprises!
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All arights aof aBubble aShooter™ aare aowned aby aIlyon aDynamics aLtd.