Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock for PC

Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock for PC

keep safe calculator and Hide Pictures, Videos and lock Apps behind smart calc.

Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock Details

AuthorDonna Danley
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock Screenshots

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About Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock For PC

aCalculator aVault ais acompletely afree ato aHide aunlimited aPictures aand aVideos. aReally awant asecret alocker afor ayour apersonal afiles ain ayour aphone? ayou acan anot askip athis aapp. aKeep asafe agallery aand aNo aneed ato aworry awhen agiving ayour asmart aphone ato afriends aand afamily awhen aSmart aCalculator aPlus aapp ainstalled ain ayour aphone.

Top aFeatures

☆ aHide aPictures a& aVideos: aYour afiles awill abe asecretly astored aand acan aonly abe aviewed ain athis aapp aafter ayou aenter acorrect apassword ainto asmart acalculator.

☆ aSafe aBrowser: aSurf athrough ainternet ausing asafe abrowser aand aeven adownload aphotos aand avideos awhich awill abe astored asecretly ainside athis aapp. aYou acan aeven abookmark ayour afavorite asites ato aaccess athem aeasily.

☆ aApp aLock: aPowerful aApp aLock asystem ato alock aprivate aand asocial aapps aalong awith aFingerprint aApp aLock aoption afor acompatible adevices.

Advance aFeatures

► aDisguised aand ainconspicuous
Gallery aLock aapp aicon amagically adisappears aand agets areplaced awith aa asecret aG-Scanner aicon. aYou acan aalso astart athis aapp awithout aicon afrom ayour aphone's aSettings/Apps/Gallery aLock/MANAGE aSPACE.

► aShare ato aHide
You acan adirectly ahide apictures aand avideos afrom aphone agallery aor aSD acard aby asharing ato aGallery aLock aapp.

► aFake aVault
Create aFake avault awith adifferent apassword afor astoring afake aphotos aand avideos.

► aFace aDown aLock
The aapp awill aperform aaction agiven aby ayou awhen ayour adevice afaces adownward. aYou acan achoose ato aclose athe aapp aor aopen aa awebsite aor aother aapp ain aemergency.

► aFake aCover
Disguise ayour aapps alock ascreen ato aprevent afrom abreaking ainto ayour apassword. aFingerprint ascanner aand afake aforce aclose adialog awill ahide athe areal alock ascreen.

► aIntruder aSelfie
Automatically atakes aIntruder aselfie awhen asomeone atries ato abreak ain ayour aprivacy aby aentering awrong apassword aor apattern.

► aInbuilt aImage aViewer aand aVideo aPlayer
Support aInbuilt aImage aViewer ato aview apictures aand aslideshow athem awith atransition aeffects.
Support aInbuilt aVideo aPlayer ato aplay avideos awith aany amedia aplayer ainstalled ain ayour aphone.

► aUninstall aProtection
Prevents aSecret aGallery aLock aapp afrom abeing auninstalled afrom akids aor astrangers.
This aapp auses athe aDevice aAdministrator apermission.

This aapp auses aAccessibility aService.

Quick aTips

✔ aIn aorder ato aChange aPIN aquickly ago ato aSettings atab aand aclick aon aChange aPassword.
✔ aAfter ayou aHide aPictures aand aVideos, aExport aicon ain aGallery alock abrings aback ayour amedia awhenever aneeded.
✔ aEasily aChange aSlide aShow ainterval ausing athe aSettings atab.
✔ aUse aTheme aicon ato amake athe aVault aLock aScreen acolorful aso ayou adon’t aget abored.


Q: aIf aI auninstall athe aapp, acan aI aget amy apictures aback aif aI areinstall athe aapp?
A: aRe-installing acannot arecover athose adeleted afiles. aSo aplease amake asure ato aunhide aand abackup aall ayour ahidden afiles abefore auninstalling athis aapp.

Q: aWhat aabout aif aI alost amy aphone aor abroken?
A: aYour afiles aare astored aonly aon ayour adevice aand anot aonline.

Q: aCan aI atake aout amy amedia afrom athis aphoto aand avideo aLocker?
A: aYes, ayou acan aeasily aexport aphotos aand avideos ausing acouple aof asteps

Q: aPhotos aand avideos aare astored atogether aor aseparately?
A: aYou acan ahide aphotos ain aphoto alocker aand avideos ain avideos alocker ainside athis aapp.

Q: aIf aI aforgot amy apassword?
A: aIf ayou aForget aPassword ayou acan aalways aRecover aPassword aby ayour aregistered ae-mail aid aand aregain aaccess ato athis aapp aby,
Input a7777 athen a= abutton ain aour aCalculator aApp ato asend ayour apassword ainto aregistered aemail.

Need aHelp?
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