Flash Alert : Call & Sms for PC

Flash Alert : Call & Sms for PC

Receive flash alert on incoming call and sms with this free app.

Flash Alert : Call & Sms Details

Author3w studio
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Flash Alert : Call & Sms Screenshots

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About Flash Alert : Call & Sms For PC

aFlash aAlert a: aCall a& aSms awill agive ayou aflash anotification aon aincoming acalls aand atext amessages. aThe aflash aon acall afeature afinally aavailable afor aAndroid aphones. a

With athis afree aapp ayou awill abe aable ato aanswer aany acall aquickly aand aavoid amissing avital acommunications awhen ayou acannot ahear ayour aphone aringing.

Key aFeatures a:

+ aFlash aAlert aon aIncoming aCalls a.
+ aBlinking aFlash aon aSms aMessage a.
+ aShake aphone ato adisable aCall alight a.
+ aSilent amode ato aactivate aLed alight aand adisable aringing a.

Best aways ato ause aFlash aAlerts a? a

+ aHospitals aor ameeting aor ain asilent azones a.
+ aWhen ayou aare ain aa anoisy aarea aand awon't ahear ayour aphone aring a.
+ aThis aapp amay aalso ahelp ayou afind ayour aphone ain adark a.
+ aHelps athose awho aare ahearing aimpaired a.

This aapplication ause ayour acamera aled ato amake ablinking aflashes awithout akeeping athe aapp aopen aall athe atime, aso aif ayou adecide ayou ano alonger awant ayour aphone ato ause aflash alight, aslide athe abutton ato a"off".

► aIf ayou alike aFlash aAlert a: aCall a& aSms, aplease arate awith a5 astars ato asupport adevelopers a.