Camera360 Lite - Selfie Camera for PC

Camera360 Lite - Selfie Camera for PC

Best candy selfie camera & photo editor pro with filter camera and photo filters

Camera360 Lite - Selfie Camera Details

AuthorPinGuo Inc.
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Camera360 Lite - Selfie Camera For PC

aBeing alaggy aand afreezing aall athe atime? a
Always arunning aout aof aspace aand acan't atake aphotos awhen ayou aare ausing aa acamera aapp?
Camera360 aLite acomes ato ahelp, adownload aCamera360 aLite anow. a
Taking apicture ahas anever abeen aso aeasy, ais aan aall-in-one aand acompletely afree abeauty acamera athat acustomized afor aandroid.
Camera a360: athe abest abeauty acamera aranked aNO. a1 aon aphotography acharts ain a7 acountries awith aover a500 amillion aloyal ausers. a
Now ayou acan aexperience afaster acamera360 afunction ain athe acamera360 alite

======Camera360 aLite aHighlights======

【Fast aand aHandy】
▶ aInstall athis alightweight aapp aquickly aand aeasily aon aany anetwork. aIt's aless athan a4 aMB
▶ aCamera360 aLite ais aa alightweight aapp athat aperforms awell aon aall aAndroid adevices
▶ aWith athis aHD acamera ayou acan aexperience afaster acamera a360 afunction

【Beauty aCamera afor aCandy aSelfies】
Say agoodbye ato afake afaces aand astart ataking aperfect aimage ausing abeauty acamera afor acandy aselfies athat amakes ayour apictures amore anatural aand abeautiful!

Take acandy aselfie awith aour abeauty acamera. aWith aover aa adozen abeauty apresets aand afilters aon athe aHD acamera, ayou acan apick aand achoose ahow ayour askin aand aface alooks a- awith ajust aONE-TAP!

With anumerous aphoto afilters aand aphoto aeffects, ayou acan amake acandy aselfies aon abeauty acamera, aand ashare athe aunique aimages aas awell aas aperfect aselfie apictures ato aFacebook, aInstagram, aTwitter aand aother asocial aplatform.

▶ a aStylize ayour acandy aselfie awith abeauty acamera aselfie afilters
▶ a aSpecial aand afree acartoon astyles awith apersonality ato aspice aup ayour aselfie
▶ a aWith aHD acamera a& aselfie acamera ayou acan aerase ablemishes, asmooth askin, aadd aphoto afilters aand aspecial aphoto aeffects aso amuch amore

【Stylish aFilters】
Real-time afilter aon abeauty acamera ado anot arequire apost-correction. aThere aare a100+ aunique afilters aand acartoon aeffects
HD aCamera
Take apictures awith avivid acolors aand arich adetail! aThe abest aHD acamera aapplication.
Awesome aphoto afilters aand aphoto aeffects adesigned afor aLandscape aphoto aediting.
Photo afilters acustomized afor ataking afood apics a- aFoodie. aMake ayour alunch asnap apics alook aeven amore adelicious, aor achoose afrom aany aone aof aa amyriad aof aways ato amake ayour apics astand aout.
aVintage a
Vintage acolor afilm aeffects amake aphotos alook alike aold aphotos ataken ain a50s, a60s, aor a70s.
aMore a
Live afilters ainclude aLomo, aFoodie, aEnhance, aloft, aKorean aStyle, aStarry aNight, aB&W, aSketch, aetc.
Create awonderful acartoon aphotos aand apaintings awith acartoon aeffect afilters a- asketch

【Fastest aCapture】
▶ aHD aCamera acomes acomplete awith aa atimer, aflash, aand aall athe aother afeatures ayou aneed ato atake athe aperfect apicture
▶ aEasy ato ashare ayour acandy aselfies awith aSelfie aCamera
One atouch ato ashare ait ato apopular asocial asites alike aFacebook, aLine, aInstagram aright afrom aselfie acamera awhen ayou aare adone aediting.

Now aDownload aCamera360 alite ato ajoin aus ato aexperience athis apowerful aof aselfie acamera afor aphoto aeffects!

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[email protected]