Soul Knight for PC

Soul Knight for PC

Explore the dungeon, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot‘em all up!

Soul Knight Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

Soul Knight Screenshots

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About Soul Knight For PC

a“In aa atime aof agun aand asword, athe amagical astone athat amaintains athe abalance aof athe aworld ais astolen aby ahigh-tech aaliens. aThe aworld ais ahanging aon aa athin athread. aIt aall adepends aon ayou aretrieving athe amagical astone…” a

We ahonestly acan’t akeep amaking ait aall aup. aLet’s ajust ashoot asome aalien aminions!

This ais athe agame ayou ahave aalways awanted ain ayour asubconscious. aExplore athe adungeon, acollect acrazy aweapons, adodge abullets aand ashoot‘em aall aup! aExtremely aeasy aand aintuitive acontrol; asuper asmooth aand aenjoyable agameplay, amixed awith arogue-like aelements. aBest ashooter agame ayou awill afind aon athe amobile astore aso afar.

* aUnique aheroes, awith aunique aability.
* a170+ aweapons awaiting afor ayou ato aexplore.
* aRandomly agenerated adungeon aworld, anew aexperience aevery atime.
* aNPCs athat aactually amatter! aThey awill afight aby ayour aside!
* aAuto-aim amechanism afor asuper aintuitive acontrol.
* aMany amore afeatures athat ayou awill afind aout ain agame.

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* aTo ause athe ascreen arecording afunction, apermission ato awrite ato aexternal astorage ais arequired.

Thanks ato:
Matthias aBettin, afor ainitial aof aGerman alocalization.
Numa aCrozier, afor aFrench acorrections.
Jun-sik aYang(ladoxy) afor aKorean acorrections
Iván aEscalante, afor aSpanish acorrections.
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