Claw Game Master 2 for PC

Claw Game Master 2 for PC

Claw Game Master 2 is the sequel to the most popular doll grabbing game in Korea

Claw Game Master 2 Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Claw Game Master 2 Screenshots

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About Claw Game Master 2 For PC

aGame aGuide
1) aPress athe astart abutton aand amove ato athe amachine.
2) aWatch aan aad aand arecharge asome acoins.
3) aUse athe avirtual apad aon athe aleft ato aadjust athe acrane's aposition.
4) aUse athe aDeploy aClaw abutton ato agrab aa adoll.
5) aYou acan awatch aan aad ato acontinue aplaying aif ayou arun aout aof acoins.
※ a20 aCoins awill arecharge aevery ahour. aYou acan awatch aan aad aor apurchase amore ato arecharge aadditional acoins.

Game aScenario
When aJack awandered athe astreets aafter ahe afailed ahis aexam, ahe asuddenly asaw aa aNational aClaw aGame aCompetition aflyer.
Jack astarted apracticing ahis askills aby ausing amachines afrom athe astreets aafter ahe adecided ato ajoin athe acompetition.
Jack agave ahis awinnings afrom ahis atraining ato aKate awho ahad apassed aher aexam aand anow awas aworking. aShe ashared athe agifts awith aher aco-workers aand abecame avery apopular ain athe aoffice.
Kate abegan ahelping aJack ato astudy afor ahis anext aexam awhile athey awere adating.

Game aFeatures
Claw aGame aMaster a2 ais athe asequel ato athe amost apopular adoll agrabbing agame ain aKorea, aClaw aGame aMaster. a aThe aPrize aPusher ahas abeen aadded ato agive aa anew aexciting aexperience athat's aa areal agame achanger.
Each aitem ahas aits aown adistinctive apoint avalue, aand apictures awill abe aadded ato athe aalbum aaccording ato athe apoints agained.
Random aChest a- aHighest aScore
Dot aDoll a- aIntermediate aScore
Candy a- aLowest aScore

Thanks afor aplaying aClaw aGame aMaster. aClaw aGame aMaster a2 ahas afinally aarrived! aWe ahope ayou aenjoy athis agame aas awell!

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