Royal Indian Girl Fashion Salon For Wedding for PC

Royal Indian Girl Fashion Salon For Wedding for PC

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AuthorA Square Games
Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About Royal Indian Girl Fashion Salon For Wedding For PC

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- aSpa awith anumber aof atools aand amasks afor aa aglowing askin.
- aNumber aof aglamorous amakeup aoptions awhich aincludes acharming alipsticks, ablushes, aeyeshadows, aeye-lenses, aunique ahairstyles
- aDress aup awith amost aamazing alehnaga acholi awith anumber aof aoptions ato acomplete athe aIndian alook ain athe abest away!
- aWonderful ahenna-mehndi adesigns ato amake athe abride alook amore agorgeous
- aRemove aher apimples, aextra aeye abrow ahairs, ablack adots aand agive aher aa aclean aface
- aWedding amake aup awould abe aincomplete awithout aattractive alipsticks aand alip aglow
- aGive aIndian afashion aDoll amore astunning alook awith aeye ashadows aand aglow
- aHair aCutting aGames
- aIndian aDesigner aBride aFashion aSalon agames
- aPhotoshoot amakeover afor aindian agirl
- aIndian acelebrity agame
- aTry asome anew aIndian ahairstyles aon afashion adoll
- aeasy ato aplay aand ashare apicture aon asocial amedia
- abeautiful agraphics
- aIndian aGirl aHair aSalon
- aeffective asound.
- aIndian aDoll aSpa aand aSalon
- aIndian aFashion aDoll
- aIndian aFashion aGirl
- aIndian aSaree aDressup aGames
- aIndian aWedding aSalon
- aIndian aSalon aGames
- aIndian aMakeover
- aIndian aPrincess
- aIndian aGirl aSalon
- aPrincess aMakeover aGames
- aWedding aGirl aMakeup aAnd aMehndi
- aBride aFashion aWedding aMakeover aAnd aMakeup
- aWedding aMakeup aSalon
- aIndian aHeena amehndi agame
- aTop aBeauty aSalon
- aIndian aCulture
- aManicure
- aPedicure
- aIndian aFashion aGirl aMakeup aSalon
- aRoyal aPrincess asalon a& aspa
- aIndian aHenna
- aIndian aMehndi aDesigns
- aRoyal awedding arituals

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Hope ayou aenjoyed aplaying aour awedding agames aand aif ayou awant amore afeatures afor athis agame aplease aleave aa acomment.