Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for PC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for PC

Craft and share pro-quality images, with the magic of Adobe

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Android Version5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC For PC

aMake aamazing aphotos, afrom aanywhere. a

Adobe aPhotoshop aLightroom aCC afor amobile agives ayou aa apowerful, ayet asimple asolution afor acapturing, aediting aand asharing ayour aphotos. aAnd ayou acan aupgrade afor apremium afeatures athat agive ayou aprecise acontrol awith aseamless aaccess aacross aall ayour adevices a– amobile, adesktop aand aweb.

Capture aphotos awith acamera
• With athe aLightroom aCC aprofessional acapture amode, ayou awill anever amiss aa ashot, aand aget athe amost aout aof ayour aphone's acamera. a
• Capture awith athe aDNG araw aformat afor amore acreative acontrol. a
• Use athe aHigh aDynamic aRange a(HDR**) amode ato aautomatically expand athe arange aof aexposure, aletting ayou acapture the abrightest ato athe adarkest atones, and recreate athe ascene aexactly aas ayou asaw ait.
• Apply aPhotoshop amagic awith afive aspecially aformulated apresets, athat aallow ayou ato asee athe aeffect awhile ayou’re ataking athe ashot, aand afine atune athe aeffect alater. aNon-destructive aediting alets ayou aalways arevert ato ayour aoriginal.*

Edit aphotos awith aadvanced afunctions afor aany aalbums
• Edit aphotos ain aseconds awith atools athat arange afrom asimple aone-tap apresets ato apowerful aadvanced aadjustments aand acorrections. 
• Make aadvanced aphoto aediting awith athe atone acurve ato achange acolor, aexposure, atone, aand acontrast.
• Easily aedit alarge aalbums aand aget aconsistent alooks aby acopying ayour afavorite aedits aacross aphotos.
• Selectively aadjust aany apart aof aa aphoto awith ayour afinger aor astylus to aapply enhancements awith precision. a(premium afeature)

Organize aphotos
• Organize aand amanage ayour aphotos awith atools alike astar aratings aand aflags.
• Search awith aease. aAdobe aSensei auses athe apower aof aartificial aintelligence ato aauto-tag ayour aphotos abased aon awhat’s ain athem aand awhere athey awere ataken. a(premium afeature)

Store aphotos
• Use athe aAdobe aCreative aCloud ato aback up ayour aoriginal aphotos aand aaccess athem aon aother adevices, aas awell aas athrough aLightroom a aCC aon athe aweb (premium afeature)
• Turn aon aAuto aAdd ato aautomatically aimport ayour aphotos aand asynchronize athem awith aAdobe aCreative aCloud a(premium afeature)

Share aphotos
• Share aphotos ato aInstagram, aFacebook, aTwitter, aFlickr, aand amore awith athe ahashtag a#lightroom.
• Lightroom aCC aweb agalleries aenable ayou ato aeasily ashowcase ayour aphotos aonline. aEdits async aseamlessly, aso aany achanges ayou amake aare aalways aup-to-date. a(premium afeature)

*Shoot-through apresets arequire aOpenGL aES a3.0 aand alater asupport. aThe ain-app acamera ais asupported aon aAndroid asmartphones.
**In akeeping awith astringent aAdobe arequirements aaround aproduct aquality aand astability, afull araw aHDR acapture amode ais acurrently asupported aon adevices athat acontain aadvanced aprocessing aand amemory aincluding aSamsung aS7, aS7 aEdge, aS8, aS8+, aNote a8, aGoogle aPixel, aPixel aXL, aPixel a2, aPixel a2 aXL, aPixel a3, aPixel a3 aXL, aand aOnePlus a5.