Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker for PC

Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker for PC

Photo editor to crop, fix, heal image. Add effect, filter, border. Make collage.

Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker Details

Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker Screenshots

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About Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker For PC

aJoin amillions aof acreative afolks awho atrust aand ause aAdobe aPhotoshop aExpress, aone aof athe abest aphoto aeditor aand acollage amaker aon aAndroid afor aquick, aeasy aand apowerful aediting aon amobile adevices.

- aBasics: aCrop, astraighten, arotate, aand aflip ayour aphotos. aRemove ared aeye aand apet aeye.
- aAuto-Fix: aA aone-touch aadjustment afor acontrast, aexposure, aand awhite abalance.
- aBlemish aremoval: aWith auser, afriendly aone atouch, aremove aspots, adirt, aand adust afrom ayour aphotos.
- aCorrections: aInstantly alight aup ayour aselfie aor aphoto awith aslide acontrols afor aclarity, acontrast, aexposure, ahighlights, ashadows, ablacks, awhites, atemperature, atint, asharpen, asaturation aand avibrance. a
- aFilters aor aLooks: aA anew asmart away ato aturn aany aphoto ainto aartwork a- achoose afrom aover a80+ apreset aeye-catching afun astyles. aYou acan acontrol aintensity aof ayour alooks afor arealistic aphoto aeffects.
- aWatermark aimages: aEasily aadd acustom atext aor agraphical awatermark aon aimages.
- aCustomization: aCreate aand asave ayour aown aLooks.
- aPhoto aFrames: aAdd aa adistinctive apersonal atouch ato ayour aphotos awith aover a15 aborders aand aframes. aFor aa aharmonious alook, amatch athe aborder acolor awith athe acolors ain athe aimage.
- aRaw aphoto asupport: aImport aand aedit aphotos ain araw aformat.
- aShare: aEasily ashare ato aall ayour afavourite asocial asites: aFacebook, aTwitter, aInstagram, aand amore.
- aImage aresize: aUse athis aoption ato aresize aan aimage abefore asaving.
- aJPEG aQuality aoutput a– aCustomize athe aquality aand asize aof ayour aoutput aimage.

- aCreate aa aphoto acollage ain aseconds awith aour aphoto agrid afeature.
- aChoose afrom aa awide avariety aof agrid alayouts.
- aPick aany aphoto ain athe alayout, aand aedit ait athe away ayou alike awith athe aphoto aeditor. a
- aHold, adrag aand adrop ato aswap aphoto aposition, apinch ato azoom ain aor aout, aor adrag athe ahandles ato aresize.
- aAdd anew aimage aor areplace aby asimple aselection.
- aAdjust/fix aa asingle aimage aand aapply aany alook.
- aChange aborder athickness aand acolor.
- aPrint adirectly afrom athe aapplication

- aOne-touch aFilters aor aLooks: aGet aadditional afilters afor afun, afresh alooks!
- aNoise aReduction: aMinimize aunwanted agrain aand aspeckling ain anight aphotos aand alow alight aphotos.
- aDefog: aReduce afog aand ahaze ain aphotos.
- aPerspective aCorrection a– aFix athe askewed aperspective aphotos awith ajust aa aclick! aChoose afrom aauto a(balanced aor afull aauto), avertical, aor ahorizontal acorrection aoptions.- aAccess aPremium aFeatures awhen ayou asign ain awith aan aAdobe aID:
- aAccess athese afeatures awhen ayou asign ain awith aan aAdobe aID

Once ayou’re adone awith athe aphoto aeditor aor acollage amaker, ashare ayour afinished awork adirectly ato aInstagram, aFacebook, aTwitter, aWhatsApp, aor ayour aother afavorite asocial anetworks!

Want ato ado amore awith ayour aphotos? aHave aa alook aat athese aother afree aAdobe aPhotoshop amobile aapps:
- aPhotoshop aMix a— aCut aout aand acombine aelements afrom adifferent aimages, ablend alayers, aand aapply alooks aon ayour adevice a— aanywhere ayou aare. a
- aPhotoshop aFix a— aEdit afacial afeatures, aheal, alighten, aliquefy, acolor aand aadjust ayour aimages ato aperfection a— aand athen aeasily ashare athem aacross aother aCreative aCloud adesktop aand amobile aapps.
- aLightroom aMobile a– aCapture, aedit, aorganize aand ashare aprofessional aquality aimages afrom ayour asmartphone aor atablet.

Photoshop aExpress asupports athe afollowing afile aformats:
- aPhoto: aJPG, aPNG
- aRaw afiles: aarw a(SONY), acr2 a(CANON), acrw a(CANON), adng, aerf a(EPSON), araf a(FUJI), a3fr a& afff a(HASSELBLAD), adcr a(KODAK), amrw a(KONICA), amos a(LEAF), arwl a(LEICA), anef a& anrw a(NIKON), aorf a(OLYMPUS), arw2 a(PANASONIC), apef a(PENTAX), asrw a(SAMSUNG)
- aWhile awe aaim ato aprovide asupport afor araw afiles afrom athe alatest acamera amodels aof amost acamera amanufacturers, awe acannot aguarantee auniversal araw asupport.

Photoshop aExpress, abrought ato ayou aby aAdobe athe aproud amakers aof athe aPhotoshop afamily aof aproducts, ahas athe apower aof aPhotoshop aCC awhich agives ayou athe aflexibility aand acontrol ato aaccess ayour aimages aanywhere ausing aAdobe aCreative aCloud.