Extreme Car Driving Simulator for PC

Extreme Car Driving Simulator for PC

The best car driving simulator of 2014. Download it now for free!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Details

AuthorAxesInMotion Racing
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Screenshots

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About Extreme Car Driving Simulator For PC

aExtreme aCar aDriving aSimulator ais athe abest acar asimulator aof a2014, athanks ato aits aadvanced areal aphysics aengine a
Ever awanted ato atry aa asports acar asimulator? aNow ayou acan adrive, adrift aand afeel aa aracing asports acar afor afree! a
Be aa afurious aracer aon aa awhole acity afor ayou. aNo aneed ato abrake abecause aof atraffic aor aracing aother arival avehicles, aso ayou acan aperform aillegal astunt aactions aand arun afull aspeed awithout athe apolice achasing ayou!

Drifting afast aand adoing aburnouts ahad anever abeen aso afun! aBurn athe aasphalt aof athis aopen aworld acity!

NEW: aMini agame acheckpoint amode.
NEW: aDrive awith atraffic a!!!!!
Full areal aHUD aincluding arevs, agear aand aspeed.
ABS, aTC aand aESP asimulation. aYou acan aalso aturn athem aoff!
Explore aa adetailed aopen aworld aenvironment.
Realistic acar adamage. aCrash ayour acar!
Accurate aphysics.
Control ayour acar awith aa asteering awheel, aaccelerometer aor aarrows
Several adifferent acameras.