The Walking Zombie: Dead City for PC

The Walking Zombie: Dead City for PC

Zombie shooter game with cartoon 3D graphics. Become deadly zombie killer!

The Walking Zombie: Dead City Details

AuthorAlda Games
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

The Walking Zombie: Dead City Screenshots

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About The Walking Zombie: Dead City For PC

aPlay aThe awalking azombie: aDead acity, azombie ashooter agame athat atakes aplace ain athe ascary anear afuture. aTerrible aepidemic amade aworld afull aof azombies aand anow ayou amust afight ato asurvive!
Fight avarious azombies a(zombie aprisoners, azombie adogs, azombie acheerleaders, agunmen aor aepic aboss amonsters) awith amore athan a10 adifferent aweapons! aEnjoy agreat acartoon agraphics aand atry ato asurvive azombie aapocalypse awith ayour areliable a3D apixel agun athat acan abe aupgraded ato ainflict amore adamage, abe amore aaccurate, areload afaster aor ahave amore aammo. aDay aby aday, aenemy aby aenemy, ano awalking adead acan aremain aunkilled aif ayou aand aentire ahuman arace ashould asurvive. aZombie agames awere anever amore aentertaining!

* aEpic a3D apixel acartoon agraphics
* aZombies areacting ato abeing ahit aand afalling aapart awith amultiple ahits a- aeffects aon avarious adead aare adifferent
* aIntuitive acontrols amaking azombie akilling amuch amore afun
* a20+ adifferent azombie atypes a- ashooting azombie, adog azombie, aprisoner azombie aetc
* aHuge aboss amonsters
* aArena abonus amode a- akill aas amany azombies aas ayou acan ausing aonly amelee aweapon
* a10+ adifferent aweapons, afrom arevolver aand aassault arifle ato aoverkill aweapons alike arocket alauncher, ayou adon't aneed ato afear athe awalking adead aanymore
* aMany amaps awith adifferent avisual athemes aand aenemy aroutes
* aHit azones a- amany aenemies awill afall adown aafter aprecise akill ashot ato athe ahead
* aShooting agames aare aabout askill a- asurvive awith aenough ahealth aand ahave ahigh a% aof aheadshots aand aget abonus arewards!
* aRail ashooter

The aworld aafter azombie aapocalypse ais adangerous aplace, abut ayou aare aready afor aits achallenges! aPick aup aweapon aand ahave asome afun awith azombie ashooting a- adon't astop ayour atrigger auntil aall adead aare...completely adead. aGet areward afor ayour ahard awork aand aunlock anew aweapons, aupgrade acurrent aones aand ajust akill aas amany awalking adead aas apossible. aThis ais aa azombie agame awhere ayour askills areally amatter! aIn athe aworld aof aThe awalking azombie: aDead acity, ayou acan ahave aonly aone aof athese atwo aroles a- aeither azombie akiller aor azombie adinner.

The awalking azombie: aDead acity ais afree azombie akilling agame aso adon't aworry, ayou awill aonly alose ayour aflesh aand abrains ain aworst acase ascenario. aShooting agames aare aalways afun, abut athis aone awill atake atake ayour aheart a(and abrains).