Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for PC

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for PC

Save the Galaxy from alien swarm attack

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Screenshots

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About Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter For PC

aEarth's alast ahope ais ain ayour ahands, atake acontrol aof athe alone aspaceship aand aprotect aEarth afrom aalien aswarms. aYour agoal awill abe aquite achallenging aas ayou awill ahave ato asave athe aUniverse afrom aits aevil aenemies. aIn athis aspace ashooting agame, ayou awill abe afacing aan aincreasingly alarge anumber aof aenemies ain ahazardous aenvironments. aAs athe agame aprogresses, ayou awill aearn athe aright ato aupgrade ayour aspacecraft ato aunleash aits afull alethal acapacity.

* aTouch ascreen ato amove aand akill aall aenemies.
* aCollect aitems ato aupgrade aor achange ayour aweapons.

* aMultiplayer amode: a1 avs a1, a1 avs a3
* aHigh aquality aimages aoptimized afor atablets aand alarge ascreens.
* aAbility ato ause aactive askills aduring athe aspace abattles.
* aThe agame ais apacked awith a120+ alevels aon avarious adifficulties.
* aBeautiful alevels awith aimmersive amissions ato acomplete. a
* aMultiple aextreme aboss abattles. a
* aUpgrade ayour aguns aand alasers.

Enjoy aclassic aspace acombat a- apowered aup. aDownload aGalaxy aAttack: aAlien aShooter anow!
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