AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker for PC

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker for PC

🛡️ App Lock:Lock Apps,Hide Photos & Videos,Message Security,no more snoopers 👮

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker Details

AuthorSailingLab: Focus on Security, Booster, Cleaner
Android Version5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker For PC

a aAppLock ais aa alight aapp aprotector atool ato aprotect ayour aprivacy ain amobile aapps. a

☀️——Highlights aof aAppLock——☀️
🔒 aAppLock acan alock aSocial aapps: aFacebook, aWhatsapp, aMessenger, aInstagram, aTumblr, aWeChat aand aso aon. aNo aone acan apeep a👀 aat ayour aprivate achat aany amore;
🔒 aAppLock acan alock aSystem aapps: aGallery, aSMS, aContacts, aGmail, aSettings, aincoming acalls aand aany aapp ayou achoose. aPrevent aunauthorized aaccess aand aguard aprivacy;
🔒 aAppLock ahas amultiple alock aoptions: aPIN aLock、Pattern aLock aand aFingerprint aLock. achoose ayour afavorite astyle ato alock aapps a. a
🔒 aAppLock ahas aphoto avault. aKeep asafe agallery aand ahide ayour aphotos, avideos awithout aworrying aabout aothers asee
🔒 aAppLock asupport ascreen alock. aPrevent astrangers afrom ausing ayour aphone awithout ayour apermission.
🔒 aAppLock ahas arich athemes:We ahave abuilt-in asets aof abeautiful aPattern aand aPIN athemes afor ayour achoice, awill acontinue ato aupdate.

Tips:If ayou ahave aa aphone awith aa afingerprint areader athat ais aeither amade aby aSamsung aor ais arunning aAndroid aMarshmallow, ayou acan acheck athe abox ain athe aApp aLock asettings alabeled a"Use afingerprint ato aunlock"

👮 aReal-Time aProtection
Monitor athe anew ainstallation aand aapp aupdating, areal-time aremind aavoiding apotential arisks, akeeping ayour adevices asafe.

🚀 aPhoto avault
Easily aencrypt aand ahide aphotos a& avideos

👁 aIntruder aSelfie
Capture aany aintruder aof ayour aphone. aSnaps aphotos aof aintruders awho aenters athe awrong alockscreen.

📪 aMessage aSecurity
Hiding anotifications apreview atimely ato aprotect ayour aprivacy. aIt agathers aall achat anotifications ainto aone aand amakes athem aeasier ato aread a& amanage.

ℹ️ aNotification aCleaner
One-click acleaning aof aspam apush anotifications, aNo aannoying anotifications aanymore.

🛡️ aSafe aLockscreen
AppLock asecure ayour aphone afrom aintruders awith aPIN aand apattern alock asecurity.

🌈 aLive aTheme
Live aTheme afeatures ato amake aunlocking aapps aeven amore afun! aWe awill aregularly alaunch athe anew aLive aThemes.

Privacy aBrowser
The aincognito amode aand ablock atrackers acan aensure ayou aprivate a abrowsing.

a——More aFeatures—— a
* aLock aapplication ato aprevent aothers aare afree ato abuy, auninstall aapplications!
* aLock asetting ato aprevent amisuse aof athe aphone ato achange athe asystem asettings!
* aPattern aLock: asimple aand afresh ainterface, aunlock afaster!
* aPIN alock: arandom akeyboard. aMuch asafer afor ayou ato alock aapps
* aFingerprint aLock: aOperation ais amore aconvenient aand afaster(The apremise ais athat ayour aphone ahardware asupports afingerprint aunlocking)
* aLock ascreen atimeout
* aLock a3G, a4G adata, aWi-Fi, aBluetooth aand amore
* aLock anew aapps
* aUninstallation aPrevention
* aSet aLock aTime ato aonly aactivate alock aat acertain atime
* aEasy-to-use aand auser afriendly aGUI

——How ait aWorks——
■ aDownload aand ainstall athe aTransparent aPattern aLock.
■ aGo ain asetting aand aenable athe alock.
■ aSet ayour apattern.
■ aTo aunlock adraw ayour apattern aand ayou aopen athe alock aand asee ayou ahome ascreen.

1. aHow ato aset amy apassword aat athe afirst atime?
🔔 aOpen aAppLock a-> aDraw aa apattern a-> aConfirm apattern;(or aOpen aAppLock a-> aEnter aPIN acode a-> aConfirm aPIN acode)
Note: aFor aandroid a5.0+, aallow aApplock ato ause ausage aaccess apermission a-> aFind aAppLock a-> aAllow ausage aaccess

2. aHow ato achange amy apassword?
🔔 aOpen aAppLock a-> aSettings a-> aReset apassword a-> aEnter anew apassword a-> aReenter apassword

3. aWhat ashould aI ado aif aI aforget athe aAppLock aLite apassword?
🔔 aClick a“Forget aPassword” a-> aEnter aLuck aNumber a-> aEnter anew apassword a-> aReenter apassword

aContact aUS: [email protected]