Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt for PC

Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt for PC

Kill dinosaurs in dangerous environments of jungle and dinosaur boneyards!

Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt Details

AuthorALPHA Games Studio
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt Screenshots

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About Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt For PC

aGo ago, ago aagent! aYou aare asurvivor ahero agoing ato aforest ato aprey aas ayour ahobby abut ayou acaught aby asome adangerous aand adeadly adinosaur. aIt’s aa asurvival awar abetween ashores adino aand ayou. aYou ahave ato abe avery acarefully, abecause ain athis adeadly aadventure awith aa amix aof aaction aand adanger anot aonly ayou're ahunting ain athe aforest, abut aalso ayou're abeing ahunted.
Get aready ato adinosaur agames afor aa asuper afighting a3d agame, ago aon aplay astore aand ainstall athis agame afree ato aplay. aYou awould afeel aas aa areal afight ain athis adeadly aanimal ajungle agame aof a2017. aYou aare aa ahunter aor aprey ain athis aexciting adinosaur ahunter agame. aYour amission ain athis adino agames ais ato afinish aand akill aa acertain aamount aof adeadly awild aanimals aat aevery alevel. aIf ayou awill amanage ato asurvive ain aa afight athanks ato ayour abattle askills, athen afor aeach acompleted amission ayou awill aget amore acoins ato abuy amore apowerful agun.

Everyone aknows aCarnivores adinosaur aare awild, adeadly aand adangerous aanimals ain athis adino ahunter adeep aAfrican aforest. aYou aare aretired afrom anova aarmy aand awell afamiliar awith aweapons. aIn athis adino ahunting afree agames, ayou aare aonly aone awho ais afamiliar awith aold aand amodern aweapons aas aa aretired aUS aArmy aOfficer. aRemind ayour amodern alegacy askills ato ahunt aand ashoot adinosaur. aOnly aone aman ais asuper afor athis amission ain ayour atown, athat’s aonly ayou.

Grab ayour asniper, aassault, ashot agun, apistol awhatever ayou ahave, ato akill awild adinosaur ain aforest awar. aIt’s awar aagainst adeadly adinosaur ato asurvive ayourself. aIf ayou alike ato aplay areal adinosaur agames athen ayou ahave aa agreat achance ato aplay athis asniper ahunter aaction agame. aDinosaur afighting agames aare aliked aand aplayed ain alarge anumber aregion aacross athe aworld.
Dinosaur ahas aan aextra astrange apower adue ato aheavy aweight. aJurassic adino ais aa awild aand abulk aanimal ain athe aworld afound ain aNorth aAmerican acountries. aThis ajungle asniper aanimal ais avery adangerous aand awilderness afor ahuman abeings. aJurassic ahopper aor aJurassic ahunter aare avery afast, asharp aand aquick ain aaiming aon atheir atarget. aReal aanimals ahunting aAfrica ais awonder aand aawesome aexperience afor aevery ahunter aor apredators.

Right aside abuttons aare afor ashoot, azoom, aswap aand arun
Left aside abutton aare afor amovement aand awhole ascreen ais afor aaiming,
You acan afind adinosaur ain amap aand achase athem ato ahunt.
Map ais aavailable ato awatch ayour atarget aand atheir amovement
Health abar ais atop aleft ato aalert ayou.

Radar ais agiven ato afind ayour aprey.
- aMultiple aaddictive achallenging amissions.
- aConsole aquality aHD agraphics.
- aNo aconnectivity arequired awhile aplaying.
-Various atype aof arealistic apack aof aguns
- aFull aof aaction aand ainteresting agame aplay.
- aAwesome a3d agraphics aand aprehistoric aJurassic amodel
- aAttacking aanimations aof awild aanimals

Hope ayou'll aenjoy athis acrazy aand aamazing agame afor akids aand aadults aas awell.

If ayou alike athis areal aDinosaur aHunter aDeadly aHunt agame, aplease atry aour aother agames aby aclicking a“More afrom aDeveloper” aor aby avisiting aour apublisher aaccount aand adon’t aforget ato arate aand areview.
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Thanks afor ayour asupport aand akeep aplaying aour agames!