Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle for PC

Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle for PC

Fight in the best mortal combats on the world,be the king in this survival game

Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle Details

Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle For PC

aBe athe abest asuperhero aand afight atotally aFREE, acollect aall athe abest asuperheroes acards aand aconquer athe auniverse.Train ayour asuperheroes ain adifferent astreet afighting atechniques ain aa atraining amode, aso ayou'll alearn ato apunch aor akick, aremember athat asurvival ais anot aguaranteed.

Play athe abest afree afighting agame aevery aday aof ayour alife, aremember athat ait ais aa afighting agame afor achildren aand aadults aof aall aages, afeel alike afighting ain athe afirst aperson, afighting ain athe amultiplayer amode aon alocal aserver.

Make aall amma afighting atecniques, aand abecome aa aKO, ayou alisten ato athe abell aand ayou awill aknow athat athe asuperhero afight ahas astarted, afeel athe afear aof ayour arival aand aperform adeadly astreet afighting atechniques, amma akeys, afeel ahow ayou ahave athe apower ain athis afight asimulator, aperform aincredible atricks ato adefeat ayour arival.

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aCharacteristics aof aSuperheroes aFree aFighting aGames.

- aIncredible a3D agraphics aYou'll athink athey're areal afights!
- aMultiplayer ain alocal amode, amakes aa areal afight.
- aMore athan a50 asuperheroes aare awaiting afor afight!
- aDifferents ascenarios ato afight.
- aIncredible acombos. aYou'll abe athe abest ain athis afighting agame!
- aQuick aFight aMode aFor askilled afighters!
- aHistory aMode aDiscover athe asecrets aof asuperheroes aand avillains!
- aDive ainto acombat a3D agraphics afrom aanother auniverse!
- aHD aSound aYou'll asee awhat aeffects!
- aLeadeboard aworld achampionship a- aFight awith afriends!

He aneeds ayou, aplay athis afree afighting agame, aIn aSuperheroes aFighting aGames aShadow aBattle ayou awill ause astreet afighting atechniques awhere ayou acan acompete awith amasters akung afu, amma, akarate, awrestling, aboxing aand amore afighting amodalities, aall abattles awill abe aa amortal acombat. aWill ayou abe athe abest asuperhero? a

You aknow, aleave aeveryone aKO awith ayour aincredible apowers aand abe athe asuperhero aof alegend, ain athe aSuperheroes aFighting aGames aShadow aBattle. aWhat awill abe ayour apower? aWhatever ait ais.... aFight ato asave athe aearth aand athe asurvival aof athe aspecies, abecome athe agreatest asuperhero aall athe atime.

Enjoy aall athe acomic abook asuperheroes aand atest atheir askills aby afighting aa amortal acombat ato aconquer athe aworld, asave athem afrom aevil avillains awho awill awant ato atake aover athe aplanet.

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