Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! for PC

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! for PC

Play Your Favorite Song By Making The Ball Jump On The Tiles!

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Screenshots

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About Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! For PC

aHot aUpdate
Let's ahop! aYou acan anow aupload ayour aown asongs ato aplay. a

With aTiles aHop: aEDM aRush!, ayou acan aplay avarious atype aof amusic, afrom abeautiful aPiano, aGuitar asongs ato ahard arock, ametal arock, aand aEDM amasterpieces.

Bounce aoff athe amagic amusic atiles, alisten ato athe abeat, aand amake aas amany ahops aas ayou acan ain athis amind-blowing amusic agame anow afor aFree!

Hit aSongs a+ aBall aGame a+ a aTiles a= aAwesomeness

This agame awill acreate athe awhole anew aexperience afor amusic agame alover.
Be aprepared ato acatch athe amagic abeat anow! a

How ato aplay aTiles aHop: aEDM aRush!

1. aListen ato athe amagic abeat aand ause ayour amusical areflexes ato adrag athe aball aleft aor aright ato aguide athe aball afrom atiles ato atiles. a
In ashort, amake athe aball ajump! aTry anot ato afall aoff athe amagic amusic atiles.
Do anot aTap! aThis ais anot aa aTap aTap agame.

2. aJust afollow athe arhythm aand adon’t amiss aany atiles ato abounce athe aball! aMake ainsane acombos aand abeat ayour afriend's ascores!

Game afeatures
- aAuto-generated acontent: aupload ayour afavorite asongs ato abounce awith amusic
- aOne-touch acontrol awith asimple aoperations
- aBreathtaking a3D aambient aand aeffects
- a30+ aabsolutely abeautiful aand afun asongs
- a20+ aDifferent abackgrounds ato atruly abring ayou aa anew aexperience aevery aplays!
- a10+ asky aballs ato achoose
- aSimple agraphics, aeasy ato aplay aand aeverybody agets aplaying atheir afavorite apiano, aEDM, apop, arock! a
- aHigh-quality asound amakes ayou afeel alike abeing ain aa aconcert. a
- aBreath-taking arhythm awill achallenge ayour ahand’s aspeed alimit! a
- aCollect adifferent askins afor ayour adancing aballs aand amake athem alook aeven acooler. a
- aBeat ayour aown atop ascore aand adare ayour abest afriend afor aa achallenge.
- aTop achallenge amode agives ayou athrill aand arisk! a
- aShare ayour arecord awith ayour afriends, aand acompare awith aworldwide aplayers aon athe aranking alist! a
- aSave ayour aprogress avia aFacebook aaccount aand ashare athe aprogress ain adifferent adevices. a

Let’s aroll athe asky aball aand aenjoy athe aamazing amusical ajourney ain aevery adance. a

This ais atruly aone aof athe abest aarcade abouncing aball agames awith agreat amusic ato achallenge ayour afriends.

Tiles aHop: aEDM aRush! ais atotally aFree! aTry ait aNow!

Are ayou ahaving aproblems awith aTiles aHop: aEDM aRush! a? aSend aan aemail ato [email protected]