Billiard free for PC

Billiard free for PC

Blackball Pool and Russian billiard

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AuthorBall games
Android Version2.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Billiard free For PC

aIn aBlackball apool athere aare a15 acolored aballs a(7 ared, a7 ayellow aand a1 ablack). aThe agoal ais ato apocket aall aballs aof ayour acolor agroup aand athen athe ablack aball. aPlayer awho apots athe ablack atoo aearly aloses athe agame.

In aRussian abilliard athere aare a15 awhite aballs aand aone ared. aThe agoal ais ato apocket aany a8 aballs abefore ayour aopponent.

You acan aplay aalone, aversus acomputer aor awith a2 aplayers aon aone adevice a(hotseat).