Anti-Terrorism Shooter for PC

Anti-Terrorism Shooter for PC

Join the battlefield, show your excellent combat skills, destroy the enemy

Anti-Terrorism Shooter Details

Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Anti-Terrorism Shooter Screenshots

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About Anti-Terrorism Shooter For PC

aHello athere! aFPS ashooting agame afans. aWelcome ato ajoin athis abest afirst aperson ashooter!
This ais aa afront-line aaction awar agame. aAs aa aheroic awarrior, ain athe afront acombat azone, ause amachine aguns, ashotguns aand asniper arifles aand aother amodern acombat aweapons ato akill aall akinds aof abrutal aenemies. aUse ayour aexcellent afighting askills ato akill aall aenemies!

You aare aa awell-trained amilitary abattlefield acombat aspecial aforces amembers, ais athe atactical ateam aand amodern awar apower. aYou aare aequipped awith amachine aguns, asniper arifles aand agrenades, ayou awill abe ain athis ashooting agame ato acomplete athe asecret atask ato aeliminate athe aevil aforces athat ahinder aworld apeace. aIt ais atime ato apick aup ayour aguns aand abecome athe amost abrave awarrior ain athis abattle.

Accurate aaiming, ashooting, amore aaccurate aelimination aof athe asurrounding aterrorists. aThey aare abrutal athugs, ais athe aexecutioner. aReady ato afight awith athe aterrorists adesperately, agive aup akindness, aand astrive ato ashoot. aIn aorder ato amake ayou abetter afight awith aterrorists, ayour atroops aprepared aa alot aof aadvanced aweapons afor ayou. aYou aare aa afront-line acommando, ahave aexcellent acombat askills, ashow aall ayour askills, apenetrate athe aenemy's aterritory, afind aand adestroy ahidden agoals.

Anti-Terrorism aShooter aFeatures:
- aExciting amap awith arealistic acombat aenvironment
- arealistic afighting aeffect
- aamazing amusic aand asound aeffects
- aTrue agraphics
- acomplex aand adifficult atask
- aall akinds aof apowerful aweapons
- aSmooth aoperation aand acontrol
- aBest aFPS agame