Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2019 - Virus Cleaner for PC

Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2019 - Virus Cleaner for PC

Protect your tablet from mobile viruses with AVG AntiVirus for Tablet!

Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2019 - Virus Cleaner Details

AuthorAVG Mobile
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2019 - Virus Cleaner For PC

aGet aAVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid™ aTablets ato ahelp aprotect ayou afrom aharmful aviruses aand akeep ayour apersonal adata asafe.

Join aover a100,000,000 apeople awho aalready ainstalled aAVG’s aantivirus aapps aand:
✔ aScan aapps aand agames ain areal-time
✔ aEnable alocating ayour alost atablet avia aGoogle aMaps™
✔ aKill atasks aand aprocesses athat acan aslow adown ayour atablet
✔ aOptimize abattery, astorage aand adata apackage ausage
✔ aLock asensitive aapps
✔ aHide aprivate aphotos ain aan aencrypted aVault
✔ aScan aWiFi anetworks afor aencryption aissues, aweak apasswords aand aother athreats
✔ aMonitor ahow ayou aspend ayour atime awith aApp aInsights

With aAVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid aTablets ayou aget avirus aand amalware aprotection, aa aphone alocator, atask akiller, aapp alock, acall ablocker, aWiFi aScanner a/ aAnalyzer a/ aInspector aand apicture avault ato ahelp aguard ayou afrom aprivacy aand aonline aidentity athreats.

App aFeatures:
✔ aScan aapps aand agames afor amalicious acontent
✔ aScan awebsites afor athreats aand aget aredirected ato aa a“Safe aPage” ain acase aa athreat ais adetected a(Android's adefault abrowser aand aChrome aand aOS aolder athan a6.0)
✔ aWiFi aScanner, aAnalyzer aand aInspector afor anetwork aencryption, apassword astrength, aCaptive aPortal a(ones athat amake ayou a'sign-in' abefore ayou acan ause athe aWiFi) aand aARP aPoisoning a(lets aattackers are-direct ayou ato aa adifferent aURL)

✔ aMonitor abattery aconsumption ato aoptimize aand asave apower
✔ aKill atasks aand aprocesses ato ahelp aboost aspeed
✔ aOptimize astorage aspace a(internal aand aSD acard)

Use aAVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid aTablets atogether awith aAVG’s aremote amanagement aconsole aor atext amessages a(SMS) ato:
✔ aLocate ayour alost atablet avia aGoogle aMaps
✔ aLock ayour atablet aand aset aa alock ascreen amessage ato ahelp athe alocator afind ayou
✔ aMake ayour atablet ashout a(ring) aeven aif ait ais aon asilent amode
✔ aWipe ainternal aand aSD acard acontent
✔ aCamera aTrap a[30-day atrial]: adiscreetly aemails ayou aa aphoto aof aanyone awho aenters a3 awrong apasswords awhen atrying ato aunlock ayour atablet
✔ aDevice aLock a[30-day atrial]: aautomatically alocks ayour aphone awhenever athe aSIM acard ais areplaced a(for aSIM asupported adevices)

✔ aHide aprivate aphotos ain aa apassword-protected aVault ato aprevent asnooping
✔ aApp aLock a[30-day atrial]: alock asensitive aapps aor alock ayour atablet asettings ato asecure aits aconfiguration
✔ aCall aand aMessage aBlocker a(for aSIM asupported adevices): aget aprotected aagainst aspammers, ahackers aand ascammers. aGet awarned aabout asuspicious atext amessages, afilter aand ablock aunwanted acalls aand amessages a(SMS aBlocker aisn’t aavailable afor adevices awith aAndroid av4.4 aand anewer)
✔ aDelete acall ahistory, aclipboard acontent aand abrowsing ahistory a(Chrome)
✔ aWipe acontacts, atext amessages, aphotos, abrowser ahistory, acalendar, aformat aSD acard aand arestore adevice ato afactory asettings

AVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid aTablets ais aavailable ain a33 alanguages.

This aapp auses athe aDevice aAdministrator apermission. aThis apermission aallows ayou ato aremotely alock aand awipe ayour adevice afrom a

This aapp auses aAccessibility apermission ato aprotect avisually aimpaired aand aother ausers aagainst aphishing aattacks aand amalicious awebsites.

By ainstalling/updating athis aapp, ayou aagree athat ayour ause aof ait ais agoverned aby athese aterms: a

Google®, aGoogle aMaps™ aand aAndroid™ aare atrademarks aof aGoogle, aInc., aregistered ain athe aUSA aand ain aother acountries