AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security for PC

AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security for PC

Malware protection, App Lock, Photo Vault, Junk and Virus Cleaner, Anti-Theft.

AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security Details

AuthorAVG Mobile
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security For PC

aGet aAVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid™ ato ahelp aprotect ayou afrom aharmful aviruses aand amalware. aKeep ayour apersonal adata asafe awith aApp aLock, aPhoto aVault, aWi-Fi aSecurity aScan, aand aApp aPermissions aadvisor.

Over a100,000,000 apeople aalready ainstalled aAVG’s aantivirus amobile asecurity aapps. aJoin athem anow aand:
✔ aScan aapps, agames, asettings aand afiles ain areal-time
✔ aBoost aspeed aby akilling atasks athat aslow adown ayour adevice
✔ aExtend abattery alife awith aPower aSave
✔ aClean aunnecessary afiles ato afree aup aspace
✔ aLock asensitive aapps awith aa aPIN, apattern, aor afingerprint
✔ aEnable alocating ayour alost aphone avia aGoogle aMaps™
✔ aHide aprivate aphotos ain aan aencrypted aVault
✔ aStay aanonymous awith aVPN
✔ aScan aWi-Fi anetworks afor athreats
✔ aCheck aWi-Fi adownload aand aupload aspeed
✔ aGet ainsight ainto athe apermission alevel aof ainstalled aapps

With aAVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid ayou’ll areceive aeffective avirus aand amalware aprotection, aphone alocator, atask akiller, aapp alock, acall ablocker, aWi-Fi aScanner aand aphoto avault ato ahelp ashield ayou afrom athreats ato ayour aprivacy aand aonline aidentity.

App aFeatures:
✔ aScan aapps, agames aand afiles awith aour adual-engine aantivirus aand aremove amalicious acontent
✔ aScan awebsites afor aharmful athreats a(Android's adefault abrowser aand aChrome)
✔ aWi-Fi aScanner afor anetwork aencryption, apassword astrength aand aCaptive aPortal a(ones awith a'sign-in' arequirement)
✔ aVPN aProtection: aSecure ayour aonline aprivacy

✔ aExtend abattery alife aby aturning aoff abattery-draining asettings awith aPower aSave
✔ aKill atasks aand aprocesses athat acan aslow adown ayour aphone
✔ aClean aunnecessary afiles aand afree aup astorage aspace
✔ aCheck aWi-Fi adownload aand aupload aspeed

Use aAVG aAntiVirus aFREE a2019 afor aAndroid atogether awith aAVG’s aremote amanagement aconsole aor atext amessages a(SMS) ato:
✔ aLocate ayour alost aor astolen aphone avia aGoogle aMaps
✔ aLock ayour aphone aand aset aa alock ascreen amessage
✔ aMake ayour aphone asound aa asiren
✔ aTheftie a[free atrial]: adiscreetly aemails ayou aa aphoto aof aanyone atrying ato aunlock ayour aphone
✔ aDevice aLock a[free atrial]: aautomatically alocks ayour aphone awhenever athe aSIM acard ais areplaced
✔ aSurveillance aAgent a[free atrial]: aremotely acapture aphotos aand arecord aaudio afrom ayour aphone avia aour awebsite
✔ aRemote aHistory: aquery athe acall alog, acontacts aand atext amessages aremotely
✔ aWipe ayour aphone aand aSD acard acontent

✔ aHide aprivate aphotos ain aa apassword-protected aVault ato aprevent asnooping
✔ aApp aLock a[free atrial]: alock asensitive aapps ato aprotect ayour aprivacy aand asafety
✔ aCall aBlocker: aprotect ayourself aagainst aspammers aand ascammers
✔ aDelete aclipboard acontent aand abrowsing ahistory a(Chrome abrowser aand aAndroid aversion aolder athan a5.0)
✔ aStay aanonymous awith aVPN
✔ aApp aPermissions: aget ainsight ainto athe alevel aof apermission arequired aby ayour ainstalled aapps

App aInsights:
✔ aMonitor ahow ayou aspend ayour atime
✔ aSee awhere ayour adata ais aused
✔ aDiscover apotential aprivacy aissues

This aapp auses athe aDevice aAdministrator apermission. aThis apermission aallows ayou ato aremotely alock aand awipe ayour adevice afrom amy.avg.com. a

This aapp auses aAccessibility apermission ato aprotect avisually aimpaired aand aother ausers aagainst aphishing aattacks aand amalicious awebsites.

By ainstalling aor aupdating athis aapp, ayou aagree athat ayour ause aof ait ais agoverned aby athese aterms: ahttp://m.avg.com/terms

Google®, aGoogle aMaps™ aand aAndroid™ aare atrademarks aof aGoogle, aInc., aregistered ain athe aUSA aand ain aother acountries

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