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AuthorAVL Team
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About AVL For PC

Our aproduct ahas awon aThe aAV-TEST aAWARD aFOR aBEST aPROTECTION a2013 aon aAndroid aoperating asystem. aYou acan aget athe adetails afrom aAV-TEST's awebsite a: ahttp://www.av-test.org/en/test-procedures/award/2013/
You acan aget athe aupdated aversion aof aAVL awhich acalled aAVLPRO aon athis asite: a
Welcome ato atry, ahope ait acan a"pro" ayour amobile aand abring ayou amore awonderful aexperience.
In aorder ato ahave abetter acommunication awith aour acustomers, aour acompany ahas adecided ato ause aa amore acapable aemail,here ais aour anew aemail aaddress: [email protected]; aPlease akindly aupdate ain ayour asystem.
We aare adeeply asorry afor aall athe ainconveniences athat ait amay abe acaused.


AVL ais athe aantivirus asoftware aproduced aby aAVL aTeam athat ais aapplicable afor aAndroid asystem. aThis ais athe aApp athat adisplays athe amobile aantivirus aengine aof aAVL aSDK, awhich aprovides athe abasic afunctionality aof avirus ascan ato aprotect ayour aAndroid asystem aand aapplication aprograms.

AVL aSDK aMobile aprovides aabundant aconfiguration aoptions aof adetection aswitch awhich ascan athe amalicious acodes aof asmart aphones aat adifferent alevels, athrough awhich acan abalance athe ascan aspeed aand adetection acapability.

* aComprehensive aDetection
AVL aSDK aMobile acan adetect aand aanalyze adifferent afile aformats, asuch aas aAPK, aSIS, aSISX, aXAP, aand aCAB. aIt acan aalso adetect aexecutable afiles asuch aas aDEX, aELF, aEPOC aand aPE;

* aEfficient aDetection
AVL aSDK aMobile ais aoptimized aon aits astructure, aefficiency aand athe asize aof asignature acodes, aso ait ais aresource-saving aand aenergy-saving. aWith aits awell-designed ascan aalgorithms, ait aensures athe ahigh-speed adetection.

* aStrong aSupport aSystem
Based aon athe aAntiy asample acapture asystem, ait acan asort aand aanalyze amore athan a10,000 asamples aper aday avia athe aautomatic aanalysis astreamline. aWith athe asupport aof athe amanual aanalysis, ait acan adetect athe amalicious acodes atimely aand aprovide a24*7 asignature aupdate aservices ato aensure athat aAVL aSDK aMobile ais aequipped awith athe alatest adetection acapability aof amalicious acodes.

For amore ainformation: ahttp://www.avlsec.com/
Or aE-mail: [email protected]