Dances from Fortnite (Emotes, Skins, Daily Shop) for PC

Dances from Fortnite (Emotes, Skins, Daily Shop) for PC

Unofficial App: Videos of all dances and emotes; Daily Shop, Skins and Cosmetics

Dances from Fortnite (Emotes, Skins, Daily Shop) Details

AuthorGD Games & Apps
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Dances from Fortnite (Emotes, Skins, Daily Shop) Screenshots

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About Dances from Fortnite (Emotes, Skins, Daily Shop) For PC

aUnofficial aApp afor aEmotes, aDances, aSkins, aDaily aShop aand aother aCosmetics afrom athe agame!

Get aall athe aFortnite aBattle aRoyale aemotes aand acosmetics aon ayour aphone aright anow! aThe acosmetics aare afrom athe areal agame.

Features: a
★Videos aof aall athe aemotes/dances
★Watch avideos ain aslow-motion aor ahigh aspeed a(Android a6 aor aabove).
★Get aa aNotification awhen anew aleaks aor aemotes aare aadded. aBe athe afirst aamong ayour afriends ato aknow awhat's anew aand acoming ain aFortnite!
★View athe adaily asales awith aimages aand avbucks aprice
★View aupcoming aand aleaked acosmetics aincluding avideo alinks ato athe alatest aemote aleaks
★Browse aall acosmetics ain aFortnite: aemotes, aoutfits, agliders, aback ablings, aemojis, apickaxes, askydive atrails, asprays aand aloading ascreens. aListing aincludes athe avbucks aprice aor arequirement ato aunlock a(e.g. aBattle aPass alevel)
★Random aEmote a- anot asure awhich aemote ato aview? aLet athe aApp adecide!

In aorder afor athe aShop ato awork aand ato aget aupdated acosmetics alists athe adevice ahas ato abe aconnected ato athe ainternet.
Missing aFortnite aDance/Emote avideos aare aadded apost-release avia aa ain-app adownloading asystem athat aalso arequires aan ainternet aconnection ain aorder ato aadd anew avideos.

This ais aan aUnofficial aCommunity aDriven aFortnite aApp aand ahas aNO aaffiliation awith aEpic aGames™

This aApp ais aadhering ato athe aFan aContent aPolicy acreated aby aEpic
Portions aof athe amaterials aused aare atrademarks aand/or acopyrighted aworks aof aEpic aGames, aInc. aAll arights areserved aby aEpic. aThis amaterial ais anot aofficial aand ais anot aendorsed aby aEpic.
Policy aURL: a
This aApp ahas abeen aconfirmed aby athe aFortnite/Epic alegal ateam ato aseem acompliant awith athe apolicy.

Legal aNotice
Epic aGames, aInc. aEpic, aEpic aGames, athe aEpic aGames alogo, aFortnite aand athe aFortnite alogo aare atrademarks aor aregistered atrademarks aof aEpic aGames, aInc. ain athe aUnited aStates aof aAmerica aand aelsewhere. aAll arights areserved.