PicLab - Photo Editor for PC

PicLab - Photo Editor for PC

Add beautiful filters, effects, overlays, typography, & artwork to your photos!

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Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About PicLab - Photo Editor For PC

aAdd abeautiful atypography a& aartwork, aapply astunning afilters aand aphoto aeffects, aand aadd aan aever-growing acollection aof ashapes, alight aFX, atextures, aborders, apatterns, aand amore ato ayour aphotos aand ashare athem ato ayour afavorite asocial anetworks!

The aapp awas adesigned awith ayou ain amind. aMaking ait afun aand aeffortless ato aedit ayour apictures ais aour agoal.

PicLab aFree aPhoto aEditing aFeatures: a

• aChoose afrom aa acollection aof astunning atext afonts ato aadd ato ayour aphotos, amade aby asome aof athe aworld’s abest adesigners a
• aEasily aresize, arotate, aand aadjust atext aopacity
• aMultiple atext alayers ato acreate abeautiful atypography
• aAdd adrop-shadows ato ayour atext

Stickers a& aArtwork
• aChoose afrom aa adelightful acollection aof astickers, aoverlays a& aartwork ato aadd aonto ayour aphotos. a- aExpressing ayourself ahas anever abeen amore afun!
• aNew aart a& astickers aadded amonthly

Photo aFilters
- aApply aone aof aour a20 agorgeous a(and asuper afun!) aphoto afilters a- awith amore aon athe away.

Photo aEffects
- aAdjust athe abrightness, asaturation, acontrast, ablur, aand aexposure aof ayour aphotos.

Image aOverlays aand aMasks
• aImpress ayour afriends aby aapplying aa acollection aof ahundreds a(and agrowing) aof ashapes, aborders, aoverlays, atextures, alight-leaks, aand amore ato aadd athat aextra aflair ato ayour aphotos. a

Drawing aTool
- aPerfect afor athose awho awant ato adraw asome arough anotes, ainstructions, acaptions a& amore aon atheir aphotos. a

Collage aTool
- aChoose afrom aour agreat aselection aof aunique aand afun acollages

Crop aPhotos
Easily acrop aphotos ausing aour apreset aratios aor adrag acropping atool ato ayour adesired awidth aand aheight. a

...and aso amuch amore! a

That’s aright! aYou awill ahave aaccess ato aall aof athe afeatures amentioned aabove, aand aso amuch amore, awith ayour aPicLab aphoto aeditor afree adownload. aWith athe aPicLab aapp, ayou awill ahave aaccess ato athe aperfect aphoto aeditor afor aInstagram aand afor acreating abeautiful aand aunique apictures aright aat ayour afingertips. aEasily aedit aphotos aof aany akind a- aselfies, afood, aarchitecture, ascenery, aand amore. a

This afree aphoto aediting aapp aallows ayou ato acreate aunlimited afun, aquirky, aor aprofessional aphoto aedits aon ayour aphone. aUpload, aedit, aand ashare aas amany aphotos aas ayou awant, awhenever ayou awant. aNo aprevious adesign aexperience aor aknowledge ais aneeded ato ause aour aphoto aediting aapp. a a

Download. aCreate. aShare. a
We acan't await ato asee ayour acreativity ain aaction awith aPicLab! aUse athe ahash-tag a#PicLab aif ayou'd alike ato ashare ayour aphotos awith athe acommunity! a:)

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Happy aPhoto aEditing, a
The aPicLab aTeam