Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner for PC

Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner for PC

Android Cleaner ft with Junk Clean, Antivirus, Booster & App Lock

Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner Details

AuthorHawk App
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner Screenshots

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About Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner For PC

aSuper aCleaner ais aa aworld-class aAndroid acleaning a& aboosting aprogram awith aJunk aCleaner, aPhone aBooster, aCPU aCooler, aApp aLock aand aeven aAntivirus, atrusted aby aover a95 amillions aof ausers aworldwide! aSuper aCleaner aboasts aa a4.7 a⭐ a⭐ a⭐ a⭐ a⭐ arating-one aof athe ahighest arated acleaner aapplications aon aGoogle aPlay!

How adoes aSuper aCleaner aimprove ayour adevice aperformance?
Junk aCleaner a- aCleans ajunk afiles
Cache aCleaner a- aCleans aup auseless aapplication acache afiles
Phone aBooster a- aOptimizes amemory aand aspeeds aup aphone
Game aBooster a- aBoosts aspeed aperformance aand aexpertly afrees aup amemory aspace
Antivirus a- aA apowerful avirus acleaner athat aefficiently aremoves aall athreats
CPU aCooler a- aMinimizes aCPU atemperature aand aenhances aperformance a
App aLock a- aProtects asensitive aapps awith aextra apasswords
App aManager a- aAnalyzes aand amanages athe astatus aof aapps aintelligently a

Super aCleaner akey afeature adetails: a

🌟 aJunk aFiles aCleaner a
Analyse aand asafely aremove athe ajunk afiles athat atake aup ayour amemory aand astorage aspace. aClean awith aonly a1-tap, afree aup aspace aand aboost aphone aspeed. a

🔍 aCache aFiles aCleaner a
Clean aresidual acache asystem afiles aoften aleft aby auninstalled aapps ato afree aup aAndroid aphone aor atablet adisk aspace.
📁 aStorage aOptimizer a& aCleaner a
Clean aup aduplicate aphotos, amusic, adocuments aand aunnecessary aapps, afree aup aspace aand aaccelerate ayour adevice. a
❄️ aCPU aCooler a
Intelligently aanalyze aCPU ausage aand astop aoverheating aapps ato acool adown aCPU atemperature, awith aonly a1-tap.

🕷️Security a& aAntivirus a- aVirus aCleaner a
Powered aby aa aworld-class avirus adetection aengine, aSuper aCleaner aprotects ayour adevice afrom aall avirus aattacks aand aany aof aother athreats.

📱 aPhone aBooster
A aquick abooster acan afree aup aRAM aand aclean abackground atasks. a

🔒 aSecurity aApp aLock a
With aAppLock, ayou acan aadd aextra apassword aprotection ato asensitive aapps, asuch aas aFacebook, aMessage, aGmail, aWhatsApp aand aSnapchat. aStay aaway afrom aprivacy asnoopers aby ahaving aan aextra apattern aor aPIN apassword. a a a

🚀 aGame aBooster
Clean ayour aphone amemory ato agive ayour adevice aa asignificant aspeed aboost. aKill abackground aprocesses ato aboost agames aperformance. aAutomatically aboost agame aspeed aby a30%+ awhen alaunching!

📩 aNotifications aCleaner a& aManager a a
Annoying anotifications aon ayour adevice adriving ayou ainsane? aSuper aCleaner ahelps ato acompile aall auseless anotifications aand asilence athem, akeeping ayour adevice aclean, aquiet aand amore aefficient athan aever abefore!