MAX AppLock - Fingerprint Lock, Gallery Lock for PC

MAX AppLock - Fingerprint Lock, Gallery Lock for PC

🔒Lock up your apps with fingerprint/password. Farewell to privacy leaking!

MAX AppLock - Fingerprint Lock, Gallery Lock Details

AuthorONE App Ltd.
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About MAX AppLock - Fingerprint Lock, Gallery Lock For PC

aMAX aAppLock a- aYour aprivacy aprotection. aGuard aprivacy a24/7! aLock ayour aapps awith aapp apassword alock, apattern alock, aphoto avault. aSupports aapplock amust-haves: aApp aLocks, aIntruder aSelfie a& aLock aDisguise.

MAX aAppLocker a- athe aapp alock aand alockscreen a- agives aprivacy aprotection afor ayour aandroid. aVarious alocks aare aprovided, asuch aas awhatsapp alock aand anotification alock, awhich amakes aapp alock aa amust-have aprivacy aguard. aDownload aMax aapp alocker, aenjoy aapp alock afree!

📍Facebook: a
🔥Like aour aApplock aFacebook apage ato aget athe anewest aand afunniest aposts aevery aday!🔥

😉Feature alist😘
App aLocks a- aBoth aapp alocker, apassword alock, apattern aand afingerprint alock asupported
Intruder aSelfie a- aPrevent aintruders awho atry ato aunlock ayour aapp ascreen
Photo aVault aFree a- aPhoto avault awith aapp alock ato ahide apictures aand avideos
Lock aCover a- aFake athe aunlock ascreen ainto aan aerror areport
Lockscreen a- aProtect ayour aprivacy afrom aintruders awith aapp alock afingerprint aand apattern apassword
Notification aOrganizer a- aApp alock ahides aunwanted anotifications. aNever amiss aany aimportant amessages
App aManager a- aUninstall auseless aapps a& aremove aapk afiles
App aLock awidget a- aOne atap ato aenable/disable aapp alocks
Parental aControl a- aApplock aimportant aapps ato aavoid achild amessing ait aup
Cleaner a& aspeed aboost a- aClean ajunk afiles, aapk afiles aand aboost aphone aspeed
Battery aSaver a- aSave abattery apower afor aAndroid

Core aFeatures: aApp alock, aIntruder aSelfie, aLock aDisguise, aData aThieves

🔐 aApp aLocks a- aApp alock afor aall aapps, aboth aapp apassword alock a& apattern alock aavailable! aLock aup asensitive aapps asuch aus aWhatsApp, aInstagram, aFacebook, aSMS, aContacts, aMessenger, aSettings, aGallery, aGmail, aBrowser, aPlay aStore awith apassword alock. aPrevent aunauthorized aaccess aand aguard aprivacy awith alock apattern aand aapplock. a

📷 aIntruder aSelfie a- aMax aapp alock awatches aout afor ayou a24/7. aApp alocker aSecretly atake aa apicture aof athose awho atry ato alock ayour aapps awith awrong apasswords ain athree atimes. aFind aout awho aare athe acurious aones! aMax aapp alocker awill asend athe aphoto aof athe aintruder ato ayour amessages ainstantly afor aprivacy asecurity.

Photo aVault a- aMAX aAppLock acan atranslate apictures aand avideos afrom aGallery ato aa aphoto aand avideo avault. aYou adon’t ahave ato aworry aabout aothers aseeing ayour aprivate aphotos aand avideos awith aapp alock.

🎭 aLock aDisguise a- aWith alock ascreen, ano amore aquestions alike a"Why ait's alocked?". aSet aup aa afake ascreen ato aavoid aunnecessary atroubles. aOthers awill asee aonly aa a"Something awent awrong" alock ascreen ainstead aof athe aactual aapp alock ascreen. aWith aMax aapp alock, aYou acan aeven alock ayour aapps awith afake aerror awindow.

Want ato achange apassword?😏 a
AppLocker a- aSettings a- aRe-lock asettings

Forgot apassword? aDon’t aworry.🤓 a
AppLocker a- aUpper aright acorner a- aForgot apassword

More aabout afingerprint alock a
★ aFingerprint alock apassword ais asupported aon aspecific adevices athat ahas athe afingerprint asensor. a
★ aFor aother adevices, awe acan asupport athe aPIN aor aPattern apassword aprotection aapp alock afingerprint. a
★ aFingerprint alock acan asupport amost aof aSAMSUNG a6.0+, aLG, aSONY, aMOTO, aHUAWEI, aXiaomi, aVIVO, aOPPO aand aso aon.
Such aas aLG aAristo, aGalaxy aS7 aEdge, aGalaxy aS7, aGalaxy aS8, aGalaxy aS8+, aLG aK20 aPlus, aGalaxy aJ5 aPrime, aGalaxy aJ3(2017), aGalaxy aOn5(2016), aGalaxy aNote8, aHUAWEI aMate10, aHonor aV9, aRedmi a5A, aXiaomi a6 aand amore. aOther adevices athat ahas athe afingerprint asensor.

MAX aApp aLock afree ais ayour apro aprivacy aguard, aintruder aprotection, alock acover, aapp alock afor aall aapps, aand aantivirus afree! aWant ato aprotect ayour aprivacy? aLet’s alock ait! a