Slugterra: Dark Waters for PC

Slugterra: Dark Waters for PC

Enter the world of Slugterra in this breathtaking 3D action adventure game!

Slugterra: Dark Waters Details

AuthorApps Ministry Inc
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

Slugterra: Dark Waters Screenshots

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About Slugterra: Dark Waters For PC

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Enter athe asci-fi aworld aof aSlugterra ain athis abreathtaking a3D aaction aadventure agame! aBased aon athe aanimated atelevision aseries aSlugterra, atake aup athe amission aof aEli aShane ato adefend athe a99 acaverns aand abecome athe agreatest aslugslinger! a

In athis ahigh-tech aworld abeneath ayour afeet, athe aammo's aalive aand aonly athe aquick asurvive. aPlay aas aEli aShane aand aassemble ayour ateam aof aslugslingers ato aprotect athe acitizens aof aSlugterra. aCollect aan aarsenal aof alittle acritters acalled aslugs a— awhen ayou afire athem aat a100 aMPH aout aof ayour ahigh-powered ablaster, athey atransform ainto apowerful abattle abeasts!

With athe ahelp aof ayour afriends, ayour aslugs, aand ayour acool ahigh-tech agear, adefend aSlugterra afrom athe aclutches aof aDr. aBlakk, awho aseeks ato acontrol athe a99 acaverns. aThe acrux aof ahis aplan? aTo aghoul aall athe aslugs awith aa asubstance acalled aDark aWater, atransforming athem ainto amindless aweapons! aTrack adown aand adestroy aeach aof aDr. aBlakk's aDark aWater astations abefore ahe acan aconquer athe a99 acaverns!

Simply atap ato amove aand ato atarget aenemies. aCustomize ayour aarmor aand ablaster, aequip ayour afavorite aslugs aand aupgrade athem afor amaximum apower. aThe amore ayou aplay, athe amore agear aand aslugs ayou aunlock!

* a18 alevels
* a5 aduel aarenas
* a10 aunique aenemies
* a3 atypes aof agameplay a– aisometric aaction, athird-person ashooter, afighting.
* aControllable aslugs
* aIntuitive aand auser-friendly ainterface
* aUnique agraphics aand agameplay
* aFrequent aupgrades aand anew ain-game acontent