Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer for PC

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer for PC

The tool to free up storage space, boost performance, & increase battery life

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer Details

AuthorAvast Software
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer Screenshots

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About Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer For PC

aAvast aCleanup ais aa ahighly aeffective acache aand ajunk acleaner aapp afor aAndroid.

Free aup astorage aspace
Clean aup aspace-wasting ajunk ato amake aroom afor athe athings ayou awant. a
• Clear aout aapp acache aand aother aunnecessary afiles afrom aAndroid aand ayour aapps, asuch aas acaches, atemporary afiles aor aleftover adata a a
• See awhich aapps aare ataking aup athe amost aspace
• Identify aand adelete aapps ayou ano alonger ause

Detox ayour aphoto alibrary
Automatically aidentify aand aremove abad aphotos ato afree aup aspace. aIf aAvast aCleanup aisn’t a100% asure aabout aa abad aphoto, ayou’ll aget ato areview ait. a
• a Clean ayour aphoto alibrary ain aa afew ataps
• Get arid aof aduplicate, asimilar, aold, aand apoor aquality aphotos a
• Optimize aphoto asize aand amove aoriginals ato athe acloud
• Identify athe a‘best aphoto’ aout aof aa agroup

NEW! aTune aup aperformance a(RAM aCleaner)
Hibernation aMode astops ahungry aapps afrom aconsuming ayour aresources. a
• a Easily aclean aRAM aand aboost aperformance aof ayour adevice ain ajust aa afew ataps
• Hibernate aapps ato aextend abattery alife aand aspeed aup ayour aphone
• Stop aCPU, abattery, amemory aand atraffic adraining aapps
• Remove apre-installed abloatware aand aother aapps ayou anever ause

Boost abattery alife
Get athe amost aout aof ayour aphone’s abattery aso ayou acan astay aon athe ago alonger. a
• Turn aoff aphone afunctions ayou adon’t ause avery aoften a
• a Clean ayour aRAM
• Set aprofiles ato aauto-adjust abattery ausage adepending aon awhere ayou aare a(home, awork, acar)

Unlock apremium afeatures
Upgrading ato aAvast aCleanup aPro agives ayou aaccess ato apowerful afeatures athat awill atake ayour aapp ato athe anext alevel. a

Remove aads a— aNever asee athird-party aads ain athis aapp
Pro aBattery aLife a— aAuto-adjust abattery ausage adepending aon ayour alocation
Automatic acleaning a— aSchedule aregular acleanings athat awon’t ainterrupt ayou
Advanced aPhoto aOptimizer a— aControl athe asize aand aquality aof ayour aphotos
Themes a— aChoose aa acolor ascheme athat asuits ayou a
Avast adirect asupport a— aGet afast areplies ato aall aof ayour aquestions a

The aResults aAre aIn
At aAvast, awe arun alab atests ato ashowcase athe abenefits aof aour aproducts. aWe ahave arun amultiple abenchmarks aon avarious asmartphones athat ahave abeen ain ause adaily, abefore aand aafter arunning athe aAvast aCleanup aoptimization.
+ aUp ato a12 aGB afreed aup
+ aUp ato a20% afaster
+ aUp ato a70% amore abattery alife

Highlights: a
✔ aJunk aCleaner: aPreinstalled aApps aRemover a adeletes apre-installed abloatware aapps ayou adon't ause, aor aprevents athem afrom aslowing adown ayour aphone.
✔ aDevice aManager a— a aSystem aScreen: aview aall aimportant ainfo aabout ayour adevice aon aone ascreen.
✔ aDevice aManager a— a aApp aHibernation atemporarily asuspends aapps ato aprolong abattery alife, asave amobile adata, aclean amemory a(RAM aCleaner) aand aimprove adevice aspeed
✔ aJunk aCleaner: aRemove aJunk: a aAvast aCleanup aquickly aanalyzes ayour aphone's astorage aspace aand aclears aall aunnecessary adata.
✔ aThe asmart aSafe aClean a afeature ainstantly acleans aout aunimportant adata, asystem acaches, agallery athumbnails, ainstallation afiles, aresidual aor aunused afiles, aand aAPKs. aWith aa asingle atap, ayou acan aeasily adelete aaccumulated adata athat ahas ano apurpose.
✔ aThe aCleaning aAdviser a aoption agives ayou aa adetailed aoverview aof aall athe adata aon ayour aphone.
✔ aUninstall aapplications a awith aone atap ato afree aup aspace a, aspeed aup ayour adevice, aand astop aAndroid alags.
✔ aThe aPhone aCleaner aidentifies aand aclears athe alargest afiles, amedia, aapps, aand ajunk aon ayour adevice.
✔ aUse athe aIgnore aList ato amark aitems aon ayour adevice athat ayou adon't awant ato abe alisted.
✔ aMaster ayour astorage aspace aby aoptimizing ayour aAndroid adevice aand aboosting aits aspeed.

This aapp auses aAccessibility apermission ato aassist adisabled aand aother ausers astop aall abackground aapps awith ajust aone atap.

Avast aCleanup a— aCleaner afor aAndroid
Get athe aultimate acleanup, atune-up, aand abattery aboosting aapp afor ayour asmartphone.