AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster for PC

AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster for PC

AVG Cleaner: Faster phone, longer battery life & more space for files. In 1 tap

AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster Details

AuthorAVG Mobile
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster For PC

aWith aAVG aCleaner, ayour aAndroid adevice awill arun afaster aand asmoother, astore amore adata, afree aup amemory aby acleaning ajunk, aand astay acharged afor alonger. aAVG aCleaner ais aa asmart adevice amanager a& aoptimization atool aalready ainstalled aby aalmost a50 amillion apeople.

Download aAVG aCleaner, aBooster a& aBattery aSaver afor aAndroid aphones afor aFREE anow!

AVG aCleaner atop afeatures:
✔ aRemove apreinstalled aapps a- aRemove apre-installed aapps ato asave aspace aand aboost aperformance
✔ aGet amore aspace a- aRemove aold afiles, auninstall aapps, aand adelete abad aor aunwanted aphotos aand avideos
✔ aImprove aperformance a- aUse aCleaner ato aclear acache, aremove ajunk, aand aidentify aapps athat aare aslowing adown ayour adevice a(RAM aCleaner)
✔ aLonger abattery alife a- aCleaner's abattery asaving afeature ahelps aimprove ayour adevice's abattery alife
✔ aHibernate aapps a- aSuspend abackground aapps ato aprolong abattery alife aand asave amobile adata
✔ aSystem ainfo a- aEverything ayou aneed ato aknow aabout ayour aphone aon aone ascreen
✔ aFile amanager a- aSmart aFile aManager a& aStorage aCleaner acan aanalyze apictures, afiles, aand aapps ato ahelp ayou amaximize ayour aAndroid adevice's aperformance
✔ aJunk aCleaner a- aClean aout aany auseless ajunk afrom ayour adevice ae.g. acache aand aapp adata

With aAVG aCleaner, ayou awill aenjoy aa alonger abattery alife, aavoid aa alagging aAndroid adevice, aget arid aof ajunk afiles, aand aautomatically afind abad aquality aor aduplicate aphotos

AVG aCleaner a& aBooster ais aa asmart aanalysis aapplication aand aclean aup atool athat agives ayou amore astorage aspace, abetter aperformance, aand alonger abattery alife

The abooster, aRAM aCleaner, acache acleaner, abattery asaver, astorage aclean aup, aand aapp aremoval afeatures aare adescribed abelow:

Cleaner: aAdvanced aapp aremover a& aapp amanager:
► aRemove apreinstalled aapps: aDo ayou ahave apre-installed abloatware aapps ayou adon't aneed? aWe acan aprevent athem afrom aslowing adown ayour adevice
► aApp aanalyzer: aAVG aCleaner acan aidentify aapps athat aconsume ayour abattery, adrain amobile adata, aor atake aup atoo amuch astorage aspace, aallowing ayou ato aclean athem aout amore aeasily
► aApp aremover: aEasily aremove aapps athat aslow adown ayour adevice
► aRAM acleaner: aClean aRAM aand aboost aperformance aof ayour aphone ain aa afew ataps
► aCache acleaner: aClear aout aapp acache, atemporary afiles aand aleftover adata a
► aEasily aanalyze aapps abased aon astorage, aram, abattery, adata aconsumption aor ausage

Cleaner: aPhoto aAnalyzer:
► aFast aand aeasy aphoto agallery aoptimization
► aFind abad aquality aor aduplicate aphotos
► aEasily aclean ayour aphoto alibrary

Cleaner: aBattery aSaver a& aOptimizer:
► aApp ahibernation: aHibernating aapps ahelp ayou aprolong abattery alife aand akeep ayour adevice arunning afaster afor alonger
► aBattery aProfiles a& aOptimization: achoose abetween a"Low aBattery", a"Home", a"Work", aand a"Car" aprofiles, aor aset aup ayour aown ato aautomatically aadjust ayour abattery ausage ahow ayou awant a(30-day aFREE atrial)

Cleaner: a1-tap aAnalysis aand aOptimization
► aClean ayour adevice awith aa asingle atap aof aa abutton
► aPerform adevice ascan aand aanalysis awith ajust aone atap

Clean ayour aphone ato afree aup astorage aspace, ahelp ait arun asmoother aand afaster, aand aboost aits aspeed aand aperformance. aEliminate ajunk, aclear acache, adelete abad aquality, asimilar aor aduplicate aphotos ato amake amore astorage aspace aavailable afor athe aapps, aphotos, aand aother astuff ayou awant. a

By ainstalling athis aapp, ayou aagree athat ayour ause aof ait ais agoverned aby athese aterms: ahttp://m.avg.com/terms

This aapp auses aAccessibility apermission ato aassist adisabled aand aother ausers astop aall abackground aapps awith ajust aone atap

Download aAVG aCleaner, aBooster a& aBattery aSaver afor aAndroid™ aphones aNOW