Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock for PC

Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock for PC

Award-winning antivirus, anti-theft and privacy tools for Android.

Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock Details

Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock For PC

aThis aapp auses athe aDevice aAdministrator apermission.

aThe abest afree aantivirus acleaner, amobile aphone asecurity, aprivacy, aand aanti-theft aapp afor aAndroid: aAvira aAntivirus aSecurity.

Your aphotos, acontacts, aemails aand acredit acard anumbers aare aon ayour aphone. aAvira aAntivirus aSecurity ais aa atop asecurity aapp athat aprotects ayour aphone a& atablet. aMore athan aa afree aantivirus ascanner a& amalware/spyware acleaner, aour afull-featured afree amobile asecurity aapp aprovides asafe abrowsing aand aremote aanti-theft afeatures ato atrack a& afind ayour adevices.

Key aFeatures aof aAvira aAntivirus aSecurity

⭐ aVirus aScanner a& aCleaner a– aScans, ablocks a& aremoves aviruses, aspyware, amalware, aetc. a✓
⭐ aPhone aLocator a& aTracker a– aHelps ayou afind, atrack, a& arecover ayour alost aor astolen aphone a✓ a
⭐ aPrivacy aadvisor a– aShows ahow aeach aof ayour aapps acollects asensitive adata a✓
⭐ aSuper alight aVirus aProtection a– aQuickly ascans afor amalware abut adoesn’t aslow ayou adown aor adrain ayour abattery✓ a
⭐ aCamera a& aMic aProtection a– aprevents aanyone afrom alistening ain aand aspying aon ayou a✓
⭐ aAppLock a– aPIN aprotect ayour asensitive aapps a(chat, acalls, aSkype, aetc.) a✓
⭐ aFree aor aPremium afeatures. aYou achoose✓

The aUltimate ain aAntivirus aSecurity afor aAndroid

Avira aAntivirus aSecurity ais aa acomprehensive aantimalware a& asafety aapp adesigned ato akeep ayour aAndroid adevices a& asensitive adata asafe. aOur apowerful avirus ascanner ablocks aspyware a& aphishing aattacks, aand aremoves aany amalware aand aadware afound aon ayour aphone.

► aFree aAntivirus aand aPrivacy aProtection a- aOur apowerful aantivirus afor aAndroid aautomatically ascans ayour aapps, aupdates, aand aexternal adevices afor amalware.
➕ aRates aeach aapp aon aa aprivacy ascale aaccording ato ahow amuch adata ait acollects

► aAnti-Ransomware a- aAvira aAntivirus aSecurity aprevents aransomware afrom aencrypting ayour aphone aand ataking ayour adata aand aapps ahostage. a
➕ aProven aransomware aprotection afrom aAvira ablocks amillions aof aransomware aattacks aevery amonth.

► aAnti-Theft, aLocator a& aRecovery aTools a- aTrack ayour aphone aon aa amap, alock aapps ato aprevent aunauthorised aaccess, aand aremotely awipe ayour adevice. a
➕ aTrigger aa aloud asiren ato ahelp alocate ayour aAndroid. aAs aan aadditional asecurity aservice, ayou acan aprompt awhoever afinds ayour adevice ato acontact ayou. a

► aIdentity aSafeguard aand aBlacklist a- aSpyware a& avirus adetector achecks aif ayour acontacts ahave abeen aleaked ato aa athird aparty aand anotifies aeach acontact aif aemail aaddresses ahave abeen acompromised.
➕ aBlacklist aand ablock aunwanted acontacts afrom aspecific anumbers

► aWeb-Based aMalware aProtection a- aAccess aall ayour asecurity asettings aand aremote afunctions asuch aas asiren, amemory awipe, a& aphone alocator a
➕ aManage amultiple adevices aacross adifferent aplatforms afrom athe aweb-based aportal. a

► aFree aor aPremium aVirus aProtection a- aFree avirus aprotection afor aall aAndroid adevices. a
➕ aEnjoy athe abest aadvanced avirus aguard afor ayour adevice awith aPremium. a

New afor aAntivirus a2018 a– aPro aFeatures

⭐ aAppLock a– aBlock aspecific aapps aon ayour adevice aby aschedule aor ageographic alocation. aPerfect aif ayou aallow ayour achildren ato ause ayour adevice, aAppLock aensures asafe aweb abrowsing aand aapp ausage. a
⭐ aCamera aProtection a– aStop aapplications aand awebsites aspying aon ayou athrough ayour acamera aeven awhile athey arun ain athe abackground. aIdeal afor abusinesses awhere asecurity ais aan aissue, ausers acan awhitelist acertain aapps.
⭐ aMic aProtection a– aBlock aunauthorised aaccess ato ayour amicrophone. aAdvanced afunctionality aensures ayour aphone aworks aeven awhile aMic aProtection ais aactive. a
⭐ a aWeb aProtection a– aEnjoy aInternet aSecurity afree afrom ainfected a& aphishing asites a

English, aGerman, aFrench, aDutch, aItalian, aSpanish, aBrazilian aPortuguese, aRussian, aPolish, aTurkish, aKorean, aJapanese, aand aChinese a(simplified aand atraditional), aIndonesian.