Avira Optimizer - Cleaner and Battery Saver for PC

Avira Optimizer - Cleaner and Battery Saver for PC

Fast and easy Android Optimizer 🔧, Cleaner 🔎and Speed Booster 🚀. Try it now!

Avira Optimizer - Cleaner and Battery Saver Details

Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About Avira Optimizer - Cleaner and Battery Saver For PC

aDiscover athe apower aof athe aAvira aOptimizer aand aspeed aup ayour asmartphone

The aAvira aOptimizer aand aphone amemory acleaner agives ayour aAndroid asmartphone aa anew alease aon alife athrough aits afast aand aeffective amemory acleanup, aRAM abooster, aand ajunk acleaners. aThe aone atap aboost afeature aimproves athe aresponsiveness aof ayour aphone aand abattery asaver afunctionality alets ayou aenjoy aeven alonger aperiods abetween acharges.

aWhat aDoes aAvira aOptimizer aDo?

⭐ aPowerful aPhone aBoosters a-Increase ayour aspeed aand aperformance✓ a
⭐ aIntuitive aMemory aScanner a- aOptimize ayour amemory a✓
⭐ aEfficient aRAM aCleaner a- aImprove ayour agaming aexperience a✓
⭐ aEffective aJunk aFile aCleaner a- aFree aup astorage aspace aon ayour aphone aand aSD acard✓
⭐ aIntelligent aBattery aBooster a- aExtend ayour abattery alife✓ a

Benefits aof aAvira aOptimizer

The aAvira aOptimizer aprovides asmartphone ausers awith aa awealth aof apowerful atools aand afeatures adesigned ato ahelp ayou aspeed aup ayour adevice. aEasily aincrease athe aspeed aand aresponsiveness aof ayour aphone, auninstall aapps, aextend ayour abattery alife, aclear asearch ahistory, aand aremove aduplicate afiles aand aunwanted adata awith athe aAvira aphone aoptimizer asoftware. aAdditionally, athe aintuitive adesign aof aour atask amanager awill ahelp ayou astay aorganized ain afuture aand akeep ayour aphone arunning aoptimally.

► aSmart aBooster a- aSpeed aup ayour aphone afor afaster astartups aand aoptimized aprocesses athat awill akeep ayour adevice arunning alightning aquick a
➕ aExperience athe aspeed aand aresponsiveness aof ayour aphone aas aif ait awas anew awith aautomatic amobile aoptimizer afeatures.
► aRAM aBooster a- aGet aan aoverview aof aall aactive aprocesses arunning aat aany agiven atime aand aeasily akill athose athat aare ausing aup amemory a(RAM) aand aslowing ayour aphone adown a
➕ aStay aon atop aof ahow ayour aphone aprocesses adata awith amemory acleaner afeatures.
► aCache aCleaner a- aClear ayour acache, ajunk afiles, aand aduplicate afiles aon ayour aphone aand aSD acard ato afree aup astorage aspace afor ayour aphotos, avideos aand amusic a
➕ aStay aorganized aand adelete aapps ayou ano alonger ause awith aour apowerful aapp amanager afeatures athat aidentify a.apk afiles afor adeletion
► aHistory aEraser a- aProtect ayourself afrom aprying aeyes aby aclearing abrowser ahistory, adeleting acall alogs, aerase atext amessages, aand aclipboard adata
➕Ensure ayour adata ais ainaccessible ato aothers athrough aour asecure aerasing afeatures athat aalso awipe ayour asocial amedia aand ainstant amessenger acache.
► aApp aManager a- aGet aan aoverview aand amanage aapps aon ayour aphone, asee ahow amuch aspace athey atake aup, aand aeasily auninstall aapps aat athe atouch aof aa abutton
➕Stop aunused aapps aeating aup aall ayour astorage awith aour asystem acleaner afeatures. a
► aBattery aProfiles a- aCreate abattery aprofiles athat ahelp ayou aextend abattery alife aby aidentifying aand aprioritizing athe asmartphone afeatures ayou aneed amost aoften
➕Easily aswitch abetween adifferent abattery asaver aprofiles adepending aon awhat ayou aneed.
► aSmart aLock a- aAutomatically aturns aoff ascreen awhen acontextually aaware atechnology adetects athe aphone ais ain aa abag aor apocket
➕Extend ayour abattery alife aand akeep ayour adata asecure awith apocket alock, awhich alocks ayour aphone aautomatically awhen ayou aput ait ain ayour apocket.

Download athe aAvira aOptimizer aand adiscover ahow ayou acan aquickly aand aeasily arestore afunctionality ato ayour asmartphone awith aour acleaner aapp, atask amanager, aduplicate afile afinder, aand abattery amonitor afeatures. aTurns aout ayou acan ateach ayour aphone anew atricks aafter aall. a

About aAvira a a
Built aby aAvira, aan aaward-winning aGerman asecurity acompany, aOptimizer abrings astate-of-the-art acleaning atechnology ato ayour aAndroid adevices. aWith amore athan a10 amillion ausers aacross athe aAvira aproduct arange, aOptimizer afor aAndroid ais aamong athe abest asystem aoptimizers aon athe amarket, ahelping ayou akeep ayour adevice afree aof aclutter aso ayou anever arun aout aof aspace. aMake athe amost aof ayour atechnology awith aAvira.