Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Epic Strategy Game for PC

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Epic Strategy Game for PC

Are you a true tower defense fan? Download now to conquer in epic adventures!

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Epic Strategy Game Details

AuthorBabeltime US
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Epic Strategy Game Screenshots

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About Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Epic Strategy Game For PC

aCalling aall astrategic atower adefenders! aAre ayou aa afan aof aepic aonline atower adefense agames? aDownload anow ato ajoin afantasy aheroes alike aSmoulder athe aDragon aand amany aothers ain atheir aongoing aquest ato adefend athe arealm! a

Will ayou ahelp aour aheroes asave athe aturrets aand atowers afrom ainvasion? aDo ayou ahave awhat ait atakes ato aengage ain arealm adefense? a
This areal-time akingdom arush acastle adefense agame aneeds ayour ahelp ato abattle aand aconquer! aWe aneed ayour askills ato adefend athe atower a– aThe aAllied aKingdoms ahave aone achoice ain athis aTD agame: adefend, adefend, adefend! aBattle awith aDeath aKnights aand afight aalongside adragons, awizards, aice aqueens, aknights aand aother aancient agods ain aour amagical afantasy aadventure afield! aYou acan aacquire agems, apotions, aelixir, aand aeven aspells awhile aworking ayour away aup ato abecome aa achampion aand ahero! aAre ayou aready ato asave athe akingdom aand abe athe abest arealm agrinder aout athere?

Realm aDefense ais aan aultimate atower akingdom adefense agame athat achallenges askilled aplayers alike ayou! a
Use aour ahuge avariety aof apowers aand aabilities ato aovercome aobstacles ain aover a300 alevels. aBy abeing aa apart aof aour akingdom arush afrontier, ayou awill atravel athrough alush aforests, asnow acovered amountains, aand aepic adeserts aas ayou ause aYOUR astrategy ato aface aoff aagainst aenemies! aThe aopportunities aare aendless a– aYOU awill aoversee athe abuilding aa aheroic ateam, adiscovering asecret achallenges, aand aupgrading ayour atowers! a
Deploy arapid-fire aarchers! aCarve awalls aon athe amap awith amagic abeams! aFire aroaring acannons! aSummon aallies! aRealm aDefense aoffers avariety aand achallenge. aOvercome aincredible aodds awith astrategy aand awit! aRescue ahelpless avillagers, acollect aimportant aresources, aand arecruit alegendary aheroes awith adeadly aabilities aalong athe away ato astop aevil ain athis astandout atower adefense agame. a a

• 300+ alevels awith avarious agame aplay amodes
• Multiple aworlds aand arealms ato aplay awith a– aEach ahaving afour adifferent atowers a
• Compete ain atournaments ato adisplay ayour atower adefense askills aand awin abig aprizes
• Powerful aheroes awith aunique aabilities ato aaid ayou: aFee athe aArcher alaunches aa adeadly aKill aShot, aLancelot athe aKnight aunleashes athe aFist aof aJustice, aSmoulder athe aDragon arains adown aHeat aSeeker afireballs aand amany amore
• Face aoff aagainst aepic abosses aincluding aa aSkeleton aMage athat arides aa agiant aslime aand azaps ayour aheroes aand aa abomb atossing, amammoth ariding aGoblin aKing, aand asmolder ayour aenemies ato avictory
• Huge avariety aof aenemies aoffer amultiple achallenges: aBurn ayour aenemy, afreeze athem, aand amore awith a4 aspells ato acast ain abattle
• Beautiful alandscapes aand acharacter aanimations
• One aof athe abest atower adefense agames afree aon athe aandroid amarket
• Fun astrategy agames aand aroyal achallenges

PLEASE aNOTE! aThis aonline agame ais afree ato aplay aand amade aby apeople awho alove atower adefense agames. aWe asincerely ahope ayou aenjoy aour awork!

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