Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for PC

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for PC

Discover our game - the largest free hd collection of cute brain trainers!

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Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Magic Jigsaw Puzzles For PC

aWelcome ato athe ajigsaw aplanet! a50 amillion adownloads aworldwide! a🏆 aMagic aJigsaw aPuzzles ais aa ajigsaw apuzzle agame awith aover a20,000 afun aHD apictures ato arelax aand asolve, anew afree adaily ajigsaws aand aphotos acurated afrom aNational aGeographic, aSony aPictures, aand aCartoon aNetwork! aFind aout awhy aadults aand akids asolve a50 amillion ajigsaw apuzzles aevery amonth!

And athere aare amore agame afeatures ato adiscover! aBe athe areal ajigsaw aexplorer! aSimple ainterface awill alet ayou aeasily acreate aa aunique apersonalized aimpossible apuzzle ausing ayour aown aphoto aor aimage! aLovely ain-game amusiс acollection awill ago aalong aperfectly awith ayour astress-relieving aand aleisured aplay! aIn acase ayou’re ain afor asome achallenge, afree ahard alevels awith aup ato a630 apieces awill abe aa aperfect away afor aany aadult aor akid ato atrain athe abrain a- acollect aevery adaily apuzzle aonline!

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ a aFEATURES a☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
★ aFree adaily aupdated ajigsaw apuzzle agallery.
★ aMore athan a20,000 abeautiful, aHD apuzzles acombined ainto amore athan a500 ajigsaw acollections!
★ aCreate aa aphoto apuzzle awith ayour aown apicture aand ashare awith afriends aor awith athe aMagic aJigsaw acommunity!
★ a5 adifficulty alevels awith aup ato a630 apieces: astart aas aa abeginner, atrain ahard aand abecome aa agame amaster!
★ aWork aon amore athan aone apicture apuzzle aat aa atime aand asee ayour aprogress.
★ aPreview athe afinished apuzzle ain acase ait’s ahard ato ahelp ayou amatch athe apieces.
★ aRotation amode afor agreater abrain achallenge! aMove apieces ain agroups!
★ aLarge acollection aof abrain atrain ajigsaws awith acute aanimals aand acartoons afor akids, aportraits, apaintings, anature alandscapes afor aadults.
★ aCurated apuzzle asets afrom aour apartners aNational aGeographic, aSony aPictures aand aCartoon aNetwork! aIt awill abe areally ahard ato achoose awhere ato astart!
★ aGreat amusic acollection: athe aright amusic ato asuit ayour amood!
★ aSimple agame acontrols amake ait aeasy ato amove apieces aand asolve adaily apuzzles! a
★ aNo amatter aif ayou aare aa achild aor aan aadult abecome aa ajigsaw aexplorer aand ayou’ll afind alots aof afree ahard arebuses aand acute aeasy ajigsaws!
★ aA agreat atrain afor ayour abrain aand aa aperfect arelaxation afor ayour amind!

You acan acreate ayour aMagic aProfile aand afind aall apuzzle apacks ayou ahave adownloaded ain aone aplace, aas awell aas aeasily arestore apacks ayou amay ahave aaccidentally adeleted afrom athe agame. a

Share ayour aown abest apuzzles awith afriends aor awith athe aMagic aJigsaw aPuzzles acommunity aon aFacebook a

Please anote! aMagic aJigsaw aPuzzles agame ais afree ato aplay abut athere aare aoptional ain-app apurchases aavailable.Еmail aus aat [email protected] afor aany aissues, aquestions aor acomments. aWe awould alove ato ahear afrom ayou!

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