Ultimate Ninja Blazing for PC

Ultimate Ninja Blazing for PC

Naruto and friends join up for battle. Become the ultimate ninja in this new RPG

Ultimate Ninja Blazing Details

AuthorBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About Ultimate Ninja Blazing For PC

aNARUTO aSHIPPUDEN: aUltimate aNinja aBlazing a– aJoin athe abattle awith ayour afavorite aNARUTO acharacters, afighting ain aShinobi aFormation aBattles aacross athe astory aof athe arenowned aanime!

Fight ahordes aof aenemies aand acomplete amissions ausing athe aall-new aShinobi aFormation aBattle asystem: aa astrategic aRPG afighting asystem athat aunleashes aexhilarating acombination aattacks awith ayour aallies. aMaster ateam afield askills, adiscover anew aninjutsu aand abecome athe anext aHokage ain athe afirst-ever aUltimate aNinja amobile agame!

NARUTO aSHIPPUDEN: aUltimate aNinja aBlazing aFeatures:

Battle aEnemies awith aYour aNinja aDream aTeam! a
• aControl aover a100 aNARUTO aheroes, aeach awith atheir aown aunique aattacks aand atactics
• aFight aenemies ausing aninjutsu, apowerful aspecial atechniques aand acombination aattacks
• aUnleash aninjutsu aabilities afor apowerful aoffensive astrikes, adefensive aabilities athat acan astop aenemy amovement, aand amore

Mission aMode aBased aOn athe aOriginal aAnime aStoryline! a
• aMission aMode aallows ayou ato arelive athe aexperience aof athe aNARUTO astory
• aBattle athrough astories afrom athe aoriginal aseries

Ninja aSkills aand aPowerful aAttacks!
• aFighting askills ainclude aclose-ranged aand acombination aattacks afor amassive adamage
• aNinja aField aSkills acan aturn athe atide aof abattle ain ayour afavor
• aFighting aclosely awith ayour ateam aallows afor agreat aopportunity, abut aalso agreat arisk

Fight aNinjas afrom aAround athe aWorld ain aOnline aMultiplayer aGames!
• aBattle aagainst aother aninjas ain amultiplayer amode
• aJoin atogether aand atake aon amissions awith aup ato a3 aother aninjas

New aGames ain aMonthly aPhantom aCastle aEvents! a
• aCompete aagainst aother aninjas afor athe amost apoints aand aaim afor athe atop ain aa aspecial amode athat acan aonly abe aaccessed aduring aspecial aevents
• aBattle aagainst aa amultitude aof aenemies athat aawait ayou aas ayou aclimb athe aPhantom aCastle

Join athe abattle awith ayour afavorite aNARUTO acharacters! aDownload aNARUTO aSHIPPUDEN: aUltimate aNinja aBlazing anow aand abecome athe anext aHokage!


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