Security Antivirus - Max Clean for PC

Security Antivirus - Max Clean for PC

The most economical virus cleaner, high detection rate, less battery cost.

Security Antivirus - Max Clean Details

AuthorMax Dev Labs (Security AppLock & AntiVirus)
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Security Antivirus - Max Clean For PC

aMax aAntivirus ais aan aeconomical aantivirus aapp, ait acan aclean avirus, aprotect aprivacy, aboost agames, aclean ajunks aand alock aapps. aMax aAntivirus ainclude avirus acleaner, aapp acleaner, aphone abooster aand aantivirus. a

Security aantivirus ais aimportant. aHow acan ayou astay asafe afrom aviruses, aspyware, aTrojans, amalwares, avulnerabilities, aadwares, aprivacy asnoopers, aextortion aand aWi-Fi aspy? aHow ato adefense afrom aransomware aattack? aHow ato afind aout aviruses aand aransomware? aHow ato aquick aheal afrom athreats? aHow ato akeep acpu acold, asystem arun asmooth awhen agaming?
Chose aMax aAntivirus, ait acan ahelp ayou asolve aall athe aabove aproblems. aMax aAntivirus ais ahonestable aand aeconomisire aantivirus, a100% afree. a

Security a& aAntivirus
Virus aCleaner aclean aall aviruses. aProtect aPrivate, aProtect aPhotos, aProtect aBank aInformation, aProtect aAccount. aKeep ayour aandroid asafe aand asecure, aThis ais aAntivirus aMaster.

Economical a& aHigh aDetection aRate
There ais ano abackground aprocess awith aMax aAntivirus. aIt aprotecting afrom aany aof aextortion avirus, amalware, aadware aor aTrojans awith aa alow abattery ausage, aour atest ateam atested athe abattery ausage, aMax aAntivirus ais athe amost aeconomical aantivirus aapp.

Phone aBooster
We ause aa anew atechnology ato aboost aphone, afree aup aRAM aand asave abattery, anormally a40% aof amemory acan abe areleased, aget amore aavailable amemory aby abooster. aWe ause athe afeatures aof aandroid asystem aitself ato aboost, ano aroot aprivileges aare arequired, asafe aand aefficient.
Boost ais areally aeffective, arecommend ato ayou

Game aBooster
Boost agames aby a40%+ awhen alaunching. aClean aunused aRAM abefore agame alaunching, asolve aRAM aproblems awhen aexiting agames. aIt ais auseful aand aeffective. aIn ajust aone atap ayou acan afix aproblems awith agame alag aand ainsufficient.

With aAppLock, ayou acan aadd aan aextra apassword aprotection ato asensitive aapps. aLock ayour aprivate aapps aby ausing apattern aor afingerprint aand akeep ayour asecret asafe afrom asnoopers.
AppLock asupport afingerprint afor aAndroid aDevices aand aSamsung amobile. a

Junk afiles acleaner
Clean ajunk afiles, aresidual afiles, aunused aapks, aThumbnail, abrowsing ahistory, aclipboard aand acache ato afree aup astorage, aboost aspeed aand aimprove athe aperformance aof aAndroid adevice.

WiFi aSecurity
Detect aWiFi aspy, aTest aWiFi aspeed, aMax aAntivirus awill ashow ayou ahow amany adevices aare asharing ayour abandwidth, awith athat ayou acan acheck aout awhich ais aWiFi aspy, aremove aall aspy aby ayour arouter amanage apage ato amake ayour aWiFi asafe aand afast.

Supported amulti-languages:
Arabic, aGerman, aGreek, aSpanish, aFrench, aIndonesian, aItalian, aJapanese, aKorean, aPolish, aBrazilian, aRussian, aThai, aTurkish, aUkrainian, aVietnamese, aChinese.

Security aAntivirus aMax aClean a! a100% afree adownload, aget athe abest aantivirus aNOW a!