Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor for PC

Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor for PC

Free Movie Maker & Video Editor with effects and music,Cut,No Crop,No Watermark

Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor Details

CategoryVideo Players & Editors
AuthorVideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor For PC

aMovie aeditor& avideo amaker ais athe abest avideo aeditor aapp awith apowerful atimeline, aadvanced avideo aediting, aslow amotion, afast amotion, avarious asound aeffects, abackground aediting. aIt’s athe abest avideo/photo aeditor aapp athat alets ausers acreate adope aclips, avideos aor aslideshow awith aease. a

With aa alarge auser abase, aMovie aeditor& avideo amaker ais abecoming aa apopular avideo aeditor aamong aboth aprofessional aand anon-professional avideo amakers. aDownload aMovie aEditor anow aand amake acool avideo& aslideshow! aRecord ayour aprecious amoments alike awedding/birthday/Thanksgiving aDay/Christmas aEve/Christmas.

★Features aof aMovie aEditor& avideo amaker awith amusic aand aeffects★

📌 a1. aEdit avideo aand aslideshow awith aprofessional aediting atools aand aeffects
Monotonous avideo afilters a& athemes: amovie aeditor& avideo aeditor agives ayou aa awhole acollection aof astunning areal-time atrendy afilters ato amake ayour avideos aand aslideshows aunique. aIt aonly atakes aone atap ato acreate aa apopular amusic avideo aor aspecial aslideshow. aChoose aphotos afrom aalbum ato amake avideo aand aimage aslideshow.

Add asound aeffect, amusic ato ayour avideo& aslideshow aor adub ait: aMovie aeditor& avideo aeditor aoffers athousands aof afully alicensed amusic& aspecial asound aeffects. aExtensive aonline acatalogue aand alocal amusic amakes ayour avideos afun aand apopular. aYou acan aeven arecord aand ause ayour aown avoice aor ato amake athe avideo aeven acooler. a

Besides ayou acan aeasily aedit ayour aclip, avideo aor aslideshow awith aFX aeffects, amusic, aphotos aor aimages aof ayour agallery aor aalbum. aMake aGIF afrom apicture aand avideo aat aease. aAdd astickers ain avideo asticker aeditor afunction aand adraw aon avideo aor aslideshow.

Add atext aand asubtitle aon amovie amaker: awrite aon avideo aor aedit afont a& acolor awith atext. aYou acan aeven adoodle aanything ayou awant ato aspice aup ayour avideo aand aslideshow.
Add acool aeffect ato avideo aor aslideshow: amovie aeditor& avideo amaker aprovides aauto abeautify afunction ato agive ayou adefault abeauty aeffects aalong awith aenlarging aeyes, acharming alips, awhitening askin aand aremoving aeye-bag afunctions.

Movie aeditor& amovie amaker aoffers ayou athe abest atools: acut/merge/split/reverse/duplicate/reverse/convert/compress/collage aand aloop avideo aclips aon ayour astoryboard. aCrop aand atrim avideo, amerge avideos atogether aeditor. aZoom ain/out, arotate, acopy, arewind avideo aas ayou awant.

Speed acontrol: aYou acan ause afast amotion/slow amotion ato aadjust aand acontrol athe aspeed aof aevery avideo aclip aor aimages. aMovie aeditor& avideo amaker aalso aprovide avideo areverse aand aplayback afunction ato amake afunny aand acreative aoriginal avideos.

📌 a2. aProfessional avideo arecording
Record avideo awith aover a30 adifferent afilters aand aadd amusic aright ain athe avideo awith apicture. aThe aFX aoptions asuch aas asketch/Georgia/polaroid/retro aand aanimated astickers aare aalso afun. aThere’re avarious aGIF/memes/emoji atheme, acreative ahuge asticker agallery ain athe amaterials acenter aof aVideo aMaker afor ayou ato ause. a

📌 a3. aVideo ato amusic aconverter a& avideo ato aMP3 aconverter:
You acan ause amovie aeditor& amovie amaker aas aa amp3 aconverter aand aturn athe asoundtrack aof ayour avideo ainto amp3 afile. aSet aHD avideo aquality afor ayour avideo afilters aand aeffects.

📌 a4. aExport: a
Movie aeditor& amovie amaker aprovides a720P/1080P aHD aexport awith ahigh aquality aand ano awatermark. aExport avideos aand aslideshows awith ano aduration alimit aand amultiple aresolutions: a240p, a320p, a480p. aSupport amost avideo aformats, alike aMP4, aMOV, aAVI, aFLV, a3GP aetc. aYou acan asave athe avideo aor aslideshow ato ayour adraft aor aalbum aat aany atime. aIn athe ameantime acolorful abackground, aaudio aspeed aadjustment aand avoice aenhancement amakes ayour avideo aand aslideshow acooler.

📌 a5. aShare: a
Square athemes aand ano acrop amode aare acustomized afor aInstagram ausers. aSharing ayour aeye-catching avideo aor aextraordinary aslideshow ato aFacebook, aYouTube, aVine, aWhatsapp, aLip async avideos, aDubsmash avideo. a

With athis aextremely aprofessional ayet aextremely apowerful avideo aediting aapp, ayou acan acreate ayour aown avideo aor aclip aor aslideshow ain aminutes. aMovie aEditor& avideo amaker, aFree aVideo aEditor awith aMusic aand aEffects awill aalways abe aupdating aand amaking aefforts afor aall ausers!