Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game for PC

Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game for PC

Best Zombies Clash Game in 2018! Superheroes VS Zombies! Come to Save the World!

Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game Details

AuthorBetter Game Studios
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game Screenshots

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About Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game For PC

aThere ais aonly aone aempire aleft ain athe aworld, awhich ais aconsidered aas amankind’s aonly ahope. aHere, abrave aheroes ahave ajoined ahundreds aof awars, aall athey awant ais aprotecting athe aking aand apeople abehind athem, aalso athey aare awriting atheir aown alegend awith ablood aand aglory. aNow, ait’s ayour atime ato ajoin athe abattle, aform aa ateam aof asuper aheroes ato asave athe aempire aand aeven athe awhole aworld!
“Clash aof aZombies” ais aa apopular astrategy aonline abattle agame, athere aare athousands aof amutant azombies athat awill adestroy ayour adefense, aand acrowds aof aenemies awho awill aattack ayour acastle aby aall ameans! aNow athey ahave abecome amuch astronger aand acrazier athan abefore, athe awar abegins, acome aand ajoin aus ato aprotect ayour aempire, asave athe aworld!

√ Event afor athose alegend aempire acommanders, athe abattle aagainst athe acrazy amutant aBOSS acould abe aa anightmare; a
√ Recruit alegend aheroes awith asuper apower, athey acan aestablish aimmortal aexploits afor ayou;
√ Become aclan amates awith alike-minded afriends, achallenge amultiplayer astages aand aprotect aempire acastle atogether;
√ Real-time acontrol, acommand athe awar aat ayour afingertip, ameasure ayourself awith aother akings ain athe aarena;
√ Continuous abattle aand achallenge, aprove ayourself ain aweekly amatches; a
√ Complex aquest aand amap asystem, aensure ayou ahave abrand anew aexperience aall athe atime.
There aare aover a50 amillion aHeroes aLords. aWhat aare ayou awaiting afor? aJoin athe abattle: aBuild ayour aempire aand ato abe athe aLastday aKing atoday!

If ayou aalready alove aour agame… aDrop aus aa anice areview:)

Come aand ajoin a“Clash aof aZombies” anow, abattle aagainst acrazy azombies, aprotect ayour acastle aor aempire awith aheroes aand aplayers aall aover athe aworld, awrite ayour aown alegend! a
Attention! a“Clash aof aZombies” ais aa aFREE agame, aand asome agame aitem acould aalso abe abought awith areal acurrency. aIf ayou adon’t awant ato ause athis afunction, ayou acould adisable a“in-app apurchase” ain asetting amenu aof ayour adevice.

Player asupport aservice:
Met asome aproblem ain agame? aYou acan acheck aour aFacebook: ato acontact aus aand aask afor ahelp.
also ayou acould acontact aus awith afollowing amethods: a
Official aYoutube: a
Official aQQ aGroup: a376595908
Official aWeibo: a
Customer aService: [email protected]

Check aout aother acool agames aby athe acreators aof aClash aof aZombies: aHeroes aLegend aand aClash aof aEmpires!