Pic Stitch - #1 Collage Maker for PC

Pic Stitch - #1 Collage Maker for PC

Quickly combine multiple photos into beautifully framed collages with PicStitch.

Pic Stitch - #1 Collage Maker Details

AuthorBig Blue Clip LLC
Android Version5.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Pic Stitch - #1 Collage Maker For PC

aQuickly acombine amultiple aphotos ainto aone abeautifully aframed apicture! a aBe acreative aand aget aall athe aangles, acapture aall athe alooks, asee aall athe afaces atogether ain aone alayout awith athe aPic aStitch acollage amaker.

Pic aStitch apacks aa asimple adesign awith aa apowerful aeditor ato agive ayou aeverything ayou acould apossibly awant ato amake ayour aphoto's aeven amore aamazing. a

Creating aa agrid alayout ais aeasy! aChoose afrom ahundreds aof alayouts, aor amake ayour aown. aTake apics awith ayour acamera adirectly afrom athe aapp, aor achoose afrom ayour aalbums aor aFacebook. aUse ayour afingers ato ascale, acrop, arotate, aand aadjust apics ain ayour alayout. aApply adozens aof afilters aand acustom aeffects.

Save ayour acollages ato ayour aalbum, aor ashare ayour amasterpiece aon ayour afavorite asocial amedia anetworks aincluding aFacebook, aTwitter aand aInstagram. aYou acan aalso aorder aprints afrom ayour alocal aWalgreens afor ain-store apickup adirectly afrom athe aapp. a

Use aPic aStitch ato acreate aa abefore-and-after asequence, acombine agreat aphotos aof ayou afamily aand afriends, aor aproduce aa aphotographic aseries. aThis ais aa amust-have atool afor afashion abloggers, afoodies, aand aprofessionals atoo!

* aCollage aFeatures a* a
- aOver a245 adifferent alayouts, aor acreate ayour aown acustom alayout.
- aGet aone afree alayout aa aday athrough aour apromotion, aor aunlock athem aall awith athe aFrames aAdd-On aPack.
- aChoose aphotos afrom ayour aalbums, aFacebook, aGoogle, aDropbox, aor atake anew apictures adirectly awith ayour acamera.
- a15 adifferent aphoto aaspect aratios aincluding a1x1, a4x6, a3x4, a5x7, a9x16, aand amore.
- aEasy ato ause ainterface.

* aEditing aFeatures a* a
- aDozens aof aphoto aeffects aand afilters, acustomize ayour aown aeffects.
- aPan, arotate, aflip, amirror aand azoom ato amanipulate ayour aimages.
- aCustomize aphoto aborders awith athe aBorders aAdd-On aPack. aChange athe athickness, arounded acorners, acolor, aor ause aa acustom aimage afor athe aborder.
- aSave, aload, aand awork aon amultiple aPic aStitch aprojects awith aease.

* aExport aFeatures a* a
- aShare aonto aFacebook, aTwitter, aInstagram, aPinterest, aWhatsapp, aPath aand amore.
- aExport ato aDropbox, aEvernote aor aany aother ainstalled aapplication athat awill aaccept aJPEG aimages. a
- aSave ato aphoto aalbum.
- aShare avia aemail.
- aHigh aresolution aexport afor aquality aon anewer adevices.
- aOrder aprints ato abe apicked aup aat aWalgreens ain aabout aan ahour awith aQuickPrints.