Flow Free for PC

Flow Free for PC

The #1 hit app. Simple and addictive puzzle game. Flow Free® today!

Flow Free Details

AuthorBig Duck Games LLC
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Flow Free For PC

aFlow aFree® ais aa asimple ayet aaddictive apuzzle agame.

Connect amatching acolors awith apipe ato acreate aa aFlow®. aPair aall acolors, aand acover athe aentire aboard ato asolve aeach apuzzle ain aFlow aFree. aBut awatch aout, apipes awill abreak aif athey across aor aoverlap!

Free aplay athrough ahundreds aof alevels, aor arace aagainst athe aclock ain aTime aTrial amode. aFlow aFree agameplay aranges afrom asimple aand arelaxed, ato achallenging aand afrenetic, aand aeverywhere ain abetween. aHow ayou aplay ais aup ato ayou. aSo, agive aFlow aFree aa atry, aand aexperience a"mind alike awater"!

Flow aFree afeatures:

★ aOver a2,500 afree apuzzles
★ aFree aPlay aand aTime aTrial amodes
★ aClean, acolorful agraphics
★ aFun asound aeffects

Special athanks ato aNoodlecake aStudios, acreators aof aSuper aStickman aGolf, afor atheir awork aon aFlow aFree!